The Devil’s in the Details (but are Well Worth Exploring)

When you get home from a alcohol detox center in Florida, and you’re doing some mental health rehab with a therapist, there’s still an awful lot of work to do. You know that already though. That’s why you’ve taken the brave and necessary step of obtaining a therapist and that’s why you went to alcohol detox and rehab to begin with. You knew you could face hard work. Maybe you felt like you had to go to find the Devil in you, to understand the addiction in you.

They say the devil is in the details. As you are moving toward restructuring your post-rehab healthy life, and you’re trying to continue the path of understanding addiction and the role it plays in the story of your life, consider taking up Journaling. Take the devil and angel off your shoulder and write them down on the page. Cause if the devil’s in the details, write down the details to root him out.


Write in a Journal

I’ll never stop advocating for people to write about their lives. Maybe that’s because I believe that everyone has something extraordinary to say, but it’s also because it is one of the best ways to streamline your thoughts, to put the moments of your day into perspective with that of your whole life and the world around you. When you’re writing about a hard moment in your day, the actual words on the screen, or the page, the feeling of typing or writing can pull the emotions and moments out from your brain and make them real on your page.

Transitioning these ethereal emotions into something tangible is like magic! Journaling may seem so teenage daydream to you, but even adults need to process their emotions. Being able to hold those emotions in a different way, putting them into words, validates them. That’s something everyone needs.

After they are validated, you’ll find yourself naturally drawing patterns between behavior. And if you track those patterns in your journal you will find it easier to change habits, or form behavior in a way that feels more like the person you are inside.


Practical Application of Journal Keeping

I highly suggest you do your journaling in the evening, just before bed, when your day is fresh in your mind and the tendrils of the day’s emotion and being are still easily engaged and malleable. Journaling at night also helps me shut my brain off when I’m in bed and trying to sleep. Because while journaling, I’ve processed so much of the anxiety and fear from the day, I’m not lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, obsessing over each conversation I feel like I failed in, or choices I’m regretting. I can get into bed and think about tomorrow. Because I processed today. I like to journal at my table or on my couch. You want to make a solid barrier between your active brain space (like your reading chair), and your resting brain space (like your bed).

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