The Dash by Peter Marinelli

The Dash by Peter Marinelli

My sponsor asked me a question one morning several years back. Good morning “money” (a name he would call me from time to time) what are you doing about the dash?

I had no idea what he was talking about. What dash? It was six a.m.

He went on to explain the following. When we look at a head stone, it has the day we were born and the day we go home to God and in the middle is a little two inch dash. That, he said is your life. That little two inch dash. What are doing about the dash?

We are here for a such a short time he said, and how much it do we spend worrying about  things that really will resolve themselves, will have relevance in an hour a month are a year from now?

We spend so much time in fear with a mind dominated life never in a place of ease and comfort and enjoying this life – or the dash.

I heard him loud and clear. I reflected on some of the things that were in mind that I felt needed to be resolved and yet how important were they? Now this wasn’t a message that was meant for me to go through life with a spirit of apathy. It was a message to be clear on ‘How am I doing” with this beautiful gift of life and sobriety?

I have become, thank God, mindful, and to count the blessings however small. To be grateful, for the little things in life God gives me and to embrace this life and sobriety so freely given to me and to you.

What are we doing about the dash?


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

Director of Sober Residences

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