The Crisis of Addiction in the Family

Addiction affects more than the addict. The staff at FHE Health can help you understand the crisis of addiction in the family. Knowing the problems that can surface in the people around the addict can help you begin to heal the family from the pains of that addiction.

The Effects of Addiction on the Family

  1. Higher risk of addiction has been noted for those family members that have dealt with authority figures that struggled with an addiction problem.
  2. Financial problems from addiction can force the rest of the family to give up or do without. The sacrifice can begin to build up resentment and distrust.
  3. Addiction can lead to abuse. The mental and sometimes physical abuse from the addict can cause emotional, mental and physical problems with family members that bear the brunt of the abuse as well as those that must witness the abuse.

The actions of the addict cause harm to themselves and to the people around them. Recognizing the crisis of addiction on the family can help you deal with the situation in a way that will provide healing.

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