The Cannabis Controversy

There is a lot of conversation and change in the United States right now surrounding how the country approaches marijuana. The controversy is real with some very strong feelings on both sides of the argument. So let’s take a closer look at Cannabis so that you can decide for yourself whether it is a miracle drug, or a gateway drug, or perhaps somewhere in between.

Cannabis is often called dope, grass, ganja, hash, hemp, mary jane, marijuana, pot, skunk, and weed, and other less common nicknames for the common illegal substance. It is most commonly smoked in rolled joints, from a pipe or water pipe called a bong. Users sometimes cook with cannabis to create food that, when consumed will give a similar effect as when the substance is smoked. The difference between applications of the drug can change how long the substance takes to affect the user as well as how intensely and the length of the high. Marijuana is dried leaves, or buds, that are usually green or brown in color, less commonly with a purple or blue tint.

There are many varieties or strains of Cannabis. Depending on the strain you take weed can make you feel differently. When consumed, if you take an Indica strain your body is more likely to feel the effects of the drug physically. You’ll feel relaxed. Your coordination will be impaired. You may not be interested in moving or doing anything at all. With your motivation and energy reduced you may experience a lack of focus, at its most severe, marijuana can be a catalyst for mental health problems all the way down to psychosis. If you take the Sativa strain you may find that you’re more amused than ever at the people and things around you. You may even have a hard time not laughing. You might feel like your senses are peaked. You may get what are called the munchies, wanting to devour any kind of food you can get your hands on.

Marijuana can be useful for pain relief, anxiety and depression relief, it can also be used as a way to alleviate some of the symptoms for those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is often used by cancer patients to deal not only with their pain but also with the loss of their appetite, an affliction caused often by chemotherapy. Because of the many medical uses of Cannabis, many states have made move, against federal law, to make the drug legal.

Marijuana is not appropriate for minors. One of the biggest struggles for a society where weed is becoming legal is the availability of weed to minors. Small children can end up in the hospital when they find their parents edible marijuana.

Some people believe that weed usage leads to more serious drug abuse. One thing’s for sure, if a teenager or young adult is willing to break the law by consuming illegal drugs, they are more likely to be willing to break other laws to acquire more serious drugs. While it is almost unheard of that someone overdoses on Cannabis, the moxy that it takes to rebel may be a sign of things more serious down the line.

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