The Average Day at Drug Rehab in Florida

Knowing what to expect in recovery begins by understanding the average day at drug rehab in Florida. Each experience in overcoming addiction will be unique to the individual, but the staff at FHE Health can help you see what a normal day will entail so that you can find come comfort in the schedule.

Some Aspects of the Average Day at Drug Rehab in Florida

– Proper eating habits will be taught by a licensed nutritionist.

Our state of the art Wellness Center provides patients with all facets of hollistic care to aid them in their road to recovery. Along with a licensed nutritionist, we also provide patients with the oppurtunity to attend our work out facility, yoga classes, massage therapy, and acupuncture services.

– Drug testing will initially be done daily and the less frequently as clinically determined.

Drug testing is a routine activity at FHE Health in order to make our campus remains a drug free place.

– Activities, like swimming and working out, will be permitted to a limited degree after session hours have passed.

Along with our Wellness Center, both men and woman’s facilities include private gender specific pool areas for the clients use.

– Medications will be dispensed by a nursing staff on a daily basis.

– Cell phones and laptops can be used with therapist permission, usually at designated times and at different levels of care.

We know how important it is to stay in contact with your loved ones in treatment in order to keep touch with the outside world. We provide patients with the opportunity to always be in contact with their family if needed.

The recovery programs are designed to give you the best foundation for overcoming addictions. They have been planned to help you deal with the addiction and the issues that come with it. Your experience will be unique, but you can begin to understand what to expect by learning about the average day at drug rehab in Florida.

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