Telling Your Parents You Need Rehab

The first step in getting help for your addiction is to bring your parents on board. It can be a scary and difficult concept, but it is necessary and beneficial in the long run. Parents are your protector and will want to help you. Reaching out for assistance with an addiction to substances like opiates, heroin, Xanax, or anything else demonstrates to them the maturity of asking for help when you truly need it. It shows that you are ready to do the work to get better for yourself now, in the future, and for your family.


Setting the Stage

Your parents likely know that you have been struggling with something and may have even attempted to engage you in conversation about your struggles. Even if they have not, they should be more than willing to sit and listen to your needs. Try to find a place where you can have a conversation without interruption or being pressed for time. If talking to just one parent seems less daunting, go that route. If you it seems easier for you to speak with both, find a time when they can be present together for you. Often looking them in the eyes may be overwhelming, so feel free to ask if you can go for a walk or drive together. You can still talk uninterrupted, but in a less confrontational manner.


What To Say

Be as forthcoming and honest as you can. Emotions will be at play, but do your best to stay on track, remain calm, and focus on solutions. Answer questions honestly and prepare for shock or surprise from your parents. Remind them that you came to them for help because you want to get better. If speaking to them isn’t going well, ask if you can meet with a counselor or therapist who may be able to help you and them navigate the situation. Even if they are upset at first, completing rehab successfully is still possible.


Next Steps

Work with your family to come up with a plan that meets your needs. Research treatment options and see which is the best fit for you. Contact us when you need help or speak with an adult in your life who you can relate to like a teacher, mentor, or coach. You can be successful on this journey!

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