Telling My Boss about Drug Addiction

Employment and Drug Addiction

Making the choice for recovery may require telling a boss about drug addiction. Putting off the discussion may only leave the company in a bind when it comes time for you to enter rehab. Talk with the staff at FHE Health to figure out the best time and the right words for talking with your employer about your drug addiction.

Tips for Telling a Boss about Drug Addiction

– Review the company policy for sick leave and recovery. Understanding the policy and procedure set up by the company will help you with talking to your boss.

– Make an appointment for the discussion. You want to be alone and not rushed. Scheduling the meeting will help provide you with both of those.

– Better sooner than later. Schedule the talk as soon as you know there is a need. You will provide your employer with time to make any arrangements for a substitute and you may also find that your company offers other assistance when it comes to recovery.

Holding a job should not get in the way of starting down the road to recovery. Following a few simple tips can help you with telling a boss about drug addiction.

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