Taking Care of Your Basic Needs: How to Love Yourself Actively While in the Midst of Addiction Part 5

One of the most challenging aspects of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is helping rebuild your confidence, which may have crumbled a bit, and the first step to building confidence is the most important thing you can learn, which is how to love yourself. This blog series will explore the tangible ways you can show yourself some love.

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Going back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, in this article we will be looking further into what it means to fulfill your esteem needs.

Remember Maslow? He’s the psychologist that said that we need to build on our basic levels of need before we can really reach self actualization, or the full extent of our potential.


How to meet your basic esteem needs:

Your esteem needs are vital to your wellbeing. After your physical, security, belongingness and love needs have been met, you need to also tend to your self esteem needs. Maslow breaks this down into two categories, but I think they are pretty linked. Self esteem and a desire to build a reputation with others. I think the idea is that a healthy person has a self esteem that is structurally sound. This is about loving yourself, right? And a need for a relational experience, a reputation with others that is robust and motivating.


How can you tend to these needs?

  1. Start to focus on the things you love to do. If you love to garden, invest your whole self into it. Build a garden you love. Work at it. If you love to read, make a goal of what books you want to read and spend the time you need to really enjoy them and think about them. If you want to run a marathon because running is what makes you feel alive, chart out the training and get moving. The more you focus on doing what you love to do, the things that make you feel alive, the more you will feel grateful for your own company. It’s hard to not love life when you fill your time with the things, people, and activities that you can feel good about and enjoy.
  2. Work hard to succeed in your responsibilities. Dedicate yourself to doing the best you can at each responsibility. Work hard at your job, even if you’d rather be outside playing in the snow. A day well spent in honesty hard work is one you can look back on with pride. It will also help you to cultivate a reputation of hard work and dedication.
  3. Spend your time around people you respect. If you want to be motivated toward building a reputation spend your time around people you aspire to be like. You’ll watch them in their lives and it will give you the motivation to work hard and to make the kind of choices that help you live up to your own expectations, which are often more stringent than anyone else’s.


In the next part of this series we will break down tending to your self actualization so you have the foundation to move on toward understanding your self actualization needs.

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