The Steps of Xanax Withdrawal

Coming off Xanax cold turkey can be incredibly dangerous so you should never do it by yourself–but it’s also very dangerous to stay on it. So what can you do? Luckily, there are many trained medical professionals here in Florida who can help you come off Xanax right.   What Happens? First you need to make that call…. Read More

“I Feel Like My Xanax is Doing More Harm Than Good”

The title here is a statement recently posted to a Facebook group. The current state of the opioid crisis shows that the original poster is far from the only person experiencing this problem.   Different Bodies, Different Minds Before we continue, let’s jump to the most important part first. If you are on a medication that you feel… Read More

Pharmacy Employee Steals Xanax For Her Mother

Drug dependence can make otherwise good people do self-destructive things. Take Walgreens employee Melissa Marie Ciafardo, 45, who had been stealing from her store for two months before she got caught. Her co-workers caught her pocketing a handful of generic Xanax (Alprazolam), and when her manager confronted her, she admitted that she had been stealing from them. Her… Read More

Stone Sour Guitarist Opens Up About Secret Xanax Addiction

Josh Rand, one of the core members of metal band Stone Sour, revealed in April that he sat out a majority of the band’s last tour to deal with “an alcohol and Xanax dependency.” In an interview with a radio DJ on Iowa’s Lazer 103.3, Rand described an addiction that was both all-encompassing and hidden, a secret for… Read More

A Xanax Addiction Might Damage the Immune System

According to a couple research studies, there are signs pointing to benzodiazepines being more dangerous than just being addictive. A connection has been found between taking benzos over a long-term period and a stressing of the immune system. Xanax has been found to cause more stress than others, too, which makes sense seeing as it is particularly powerful… Read More

The “Dr. Phil” Show May be Coercing Addicts into Dangerous Situations

Some of the more popular segments from the daytime talk show “Dr. Phil” are when they have addicts as guests and Dr. Phil tries to help them recover from addiction. However, multiple guests have spoken up about their experiences with the show, and some of their stories are more than concerning. For example, when Todd Herzog appeared drunk… Read More

Experts Note Ending an Addiction More Successful at Rehab Centers


While we are obviously going to be a little biased in favor of rehab centers for those who need help with Xanax withdrawal or detox in Florida, experts have said that treatment centers and 12-step programs give people the  best shot at ending their addictions. This is because coming to a rehab center means addressing not only the… Read More

These Withdrawal Symptoms Show How Dangerous Xanax Can Be

Xanax is a drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It can also relax a person’s muscles and help them go to sleep. Unfortunately, it is also quite addictive. In Florida and many other states Xanax is a frequently abused drug. Michael Jackson, for example, was reportedly taking around ten Xanax a night before his death.  … Read More

Florida Man Feeds Child Xanax To Make Him “Chill” After Sugar High

Although nearly any story we share that has to do with Xanax withdrawal symptoms or Xanax detox is already almost guaranteed to not be an exciting or happy story, an incident out of Orange City that involves a man forcing a 10-year-old kid to take the addictive substance. What’s even more telling about this person is that he… Read More

Help! I Think I’m Addicted to Xanax!

Xanax has been shown to be an effective drug for the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy-related nausea and many other ailments. Although the vast majority of people who use it for medical reasons do not become addicted, there are still people who do. If you think you’re addicted, you shouldn’t feel shame, but you should seek… Read More