“Heroin Hearse” In WV Delivers Blunt Message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?”

Heroin Hearse

Unusual Approach Motivates Some Addicts To Seek Help A “Heroin Hearse” in Huntington WV delivers a blunt message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?” Owner Dwayne Wood drives thousands of miles to nearby states to raise addiction awareness and urge addicts to seek rehab. As reported by NPR,  Woods owns a 1988 Buick hearse with the words… Read More

Opioid Documentary Heroin(e) Up For Academy Award

Jan Rader

Huntington WV Fire Chief Featured In Powerful Documentary A Netflix documentary on the opioid crisis featuring West Virginia Fire Chief Jan Rader has been nominated for an Academy Award. As reported by Firehouse.com, the Netflix documentary about the opioid crisis in Huntington, West Virginia, was amongst the films on the list to run for the prestigious movie award…. Read More

Neuro Implant May Help Reduce Addiction

Neuro Implant

Deep Brain Stimulation May Help Cure Addiction A doctor working with West Virginia University is studying the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation to help cure opioid addiction. As reported by Futurism.com, in November 2017, the FDA approved a device that transmits electrical pulses to the cranial nerves associated with pain processing, to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms in patients…. Read More

Williamson, WV: 2,900 People – 20 Million Pills

Tug Valley

Small Town Is Home to Giant Pill Mill While there have been other so-called “pill mills” in the news, two pharmacies in the tiny town of Williamson, WV may hold the record, having distributed more than 20,000,000 pills over the last decade. As reported by Fox News, a congressional committee investigating the opioid crisis has discovered out-of-state drug… Read More

West Virginia Overdose Study Finds Multiple Path for Intervention

West Virginia

WV data research uncovers opportunity for overdose intervention West Virginia leads the nation in overdose deaths per capita, and researchers are working to understand how and why the state has been hit so hard during the last few years. Newly published research has uncovered some potentially useful insights for addressing the epidemic. As reported by the WV Department… Read More

West Virginia Limits Opioid Prescribing

West Virginia

Ground-zero for the overdose crisis, WV finally tries limit Rx Opioids After leading the nation is overdose deaths (52 out of every 100,000 people in the state died last year from overdose), West Virginia legislators have taken steps to alleviate some of the problem by setting limits on prescription opioids. As reported in the Charleston Gazette-Mail, state lawmakers… Read More

WV Nurse Treats Daughter in ER for Overdose

Mother Daughter

Daughter is thankful to celebrate her 21st birthday West Virginia has been ravaged by the current opioid epidemic, and Hope Steele was just minutes away from being another sad statistic. When Steele overdosed on heroin for the first time in October of last year, she said emergency paramedics told her that if they had arrived just minutes later,… Read More

In West Virginia, Even the Police Dogs are Overdosing

Police Dogs Overdosing

West Virginia Struggles with Deadly New Opioids Suzanne Bell, director of the West Virginia University Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, is on the frontline of West Virginia’s opioid crisis, and the news she has is unsettling. “In the field, typically officers in the past would have a color change agent of some type … and if there’s… Read More

In West Virginia, Has Restricting Rx Meds Caused More Heroin Deaths?

Drug Monitoring

Researchers Examine the True Impact of Rx Drug Monitoring Programs Call it the law of unintended consequences. Across the nation, 49 states have so-called prescription drug monitoring programs, and 36 states have laws requiring doctors to check them. But some new research adds an important caveat about how well prescription drug monitoring programs work. After West Virginia required… Read More