Inhalant Abuse: Getting High with Household Products

inhalant abuse

Inhalant Abuse: Getting High with Household Products Drugs that cause addiction aren’t always bought right off the street from the pockets of a drug dealer. The horrific reality that many parents don’t understand is that there are addictive substances in everyday household products. Inhalants are addictive chemicals found in glues, paints, and aerosol cans that are “huffed”, or… Read More

Fentanyl Addiction Perpetuating High Overdose Rates

fentanyl addiction

Fentanyl Addiction Perpetuating High Overdose Rates With the sudden death of American pop star Prince, fentanyl addiction has become a sudden concern for the recovery community. But, this debilitating substance has been recreationally abused on United States streets since the 70s, causing numerous overdoses. Since the opioid epidemic does not seem to be going anywhere shortly, it is… Read More

Addiction Relapse: Identifying It and Preventing It

Addiction Relapse: Identifying It and Preventing It Long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol is the ultimate goal of any treatment program. Unfortunately, addiction relapse is a part of many addicts’ stories. My first relapse happened during the second week of an outpatient rehab program. It was followed by countless more relapses, through stays at inpatient treatment centers, psych… Read More

Xanax Addiction

Xanax (Alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It is a prescription drug that depresses the nervous system to reduce nervous tension or anxiety. Taken over long periods of time, individuals can build up a tolerance that can eventually result in an addiction to Xanax. Oftentimes when a person is addicted to Xanax, going… Read More

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment: When To Go

For many individuals struggling with alcohol, the temptation to begin recovery in outpatient alcohol treatment while living at home and continuing their daily life is tempting. Unfortunately, although it sounds ideal, it may not be the best solution for all individuals. Speaking with a medical professional or addiction specialist can help you better understand your needs, or the… Read More

Dual Diagnosis Is Readily Available In Florida

Dual diagnosis is an important program for anyone struggling with addiction or substance abuse as well as a co-existing mental health disorder. Florida is home to many wonderful dual diagnosis programs that have helped thousands of individuals every year overcome addiction and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Florida Drug Treatment: Why Florida?

Florida has become the place to seek drug treatment. With so many drug treatment programs located throughout the country, many people may wonder what sets Florida programs apart from other programs? Florida provides many benefits that other areas of the country cannot, including the thriving recovery community, amount and variety of drug treatment programs and excellent facilities and… Read More

Does Florida Drug Addiction Treatment Provide Dual Diagnosis?

Whether or not Florida drug addiction treatment provides dual diagnosis is dependent on the Florida drug addiction treatment program you choose. Not all Florida drug addiction treatment programs provide dual diagnosis, so it is important to find out before deciding where to get help. Dual diagnosis has helped thousands of individuals get the help they need. In order… Read More

Do Drug Rehabs in South Florida Provide Holistic Options?

There are many different types of programs that are offered in drug rehabs in South Florida. Holistic programs or programs that incorporate holistic approaches to treatment into their program are quickly rising in popularity. Incorporating holistic approaches to treatment into drug rehab programs in South Florida provides numerous benefits for clients both during and after treatment.

What is A Sober Living Community And What Are The Benefits?

For many recovering addicts, deciding to live in a sober living community has been a key to their sustained sobriety. They have helped countless individuals make the transition from treatment to independent living while looking for employment, attending meetings and even going to school. Understanding what a sober living community is and what the benefits are is a… Read More