York County, PA Slammed With 13 Overdose Deaths In 10 Days

Overdose Deaths Slam Central Pennsylvania Fentanyl is suspected in a surge of overdose deaths in York County, PA where the coroner released details surrounding thirteen deaths in just ten days. As reported by ABC27 News, thirteen people in York County have died from suspected heroin and fentanyl overdoses in just 10 days, Coroner Pam Gay said. Gay said… Read More

New Study Discovers Opioids Provide No Pain-relieving Advantage


Prescription Opioid Pain-relief is Overrated After countless overdose deaths, it turns out that opioid pain-killers are actually no better than over the counter pain-killers. In a new head-to-head study against over the counter medicines such as Tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin, opioid products made no significant improvement in pain reduction. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, for all… Read More

Pennsylvania ER Overdose Visits Are Overflowing

ER Overdose Visits

ER Overdose Visits Surge – Opioid Crisis Shows No Signs of Slowing New CDC data shows that ER overdose visits rose sharply in many states across the country, with Pennsylvania spiking by more than 80% between July 2016 and September 2017. Officials believe fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are driving the deadly surge. As reported by Philly.com, emergency… Read More

Carfentanil In Minnesota Drives Overdoses


K9 Pills Thought to be Oxycontin Actually Contain Carfentanil Carfentanil laced pills in Minnesota are driving a rash of overdoses as authorities sound the alarm about the powerful and deadly synthetic opioid. As reported by Fox9, a Northfield, MN man is in custody, arrested on charges connected to a string of serious overdoses last weekend. Three people were… Read More

Nine Students Hospitalized In UCSB Mass Overdose


Oxycontin and Alcohol Suspected In Mass Overdose Nine students were hospitalized in a UCSB mass overdose this weekend. Authorities believe that the victims all took pills laced with some type of synthetic opioid. As reported by Business Insider, the incident began when sheriffs deputies and paramedics responding to an emergency call found a young man unconscious in the… Read More

What Are Synthetic Drugs and Why Are They So Dangerous?

synthetic drugs

What Are Synthetic Drugs and Why Are They So Dangerous Years ago, there were only a handful of recognized drugs. Pot, cocaine, heroin and LSD are all substances that have been recognized for generations. In the late 1900s, Molly, ecstasy, and MDMA started getting mixed into things, and new concoctions were born almost daily. What are synthetic drugs… Read More