St. Louis Churches Rally to Fight Drug Crisis

Saint Louis

Churches Rally to Restore Community Several hundred people from a dozen different churches rallied last week in North St. Louis to protest drugs, violence and prostitution. As reported by the St. Louis Review, God was at the forefront of a march and rally Feb. 25 at Sts. Teresa and Bridget calling for an end to the violence, open-air… Read More

Expectant Mothers in St. Louis Get Help to Break Addiction

Expectant Mothers

Expectant Mothers In St. Louis Receive Help to Break Addiction The opioid crisis in the St. Louis area is impacting expectant moms and their babies. Now they can receive help to break their addiction. As reported by Fox 2 Now, mothers-to-be are seeking help to get off prescription pain pills, heroin, and other opioids at the Women and… Read More

St. Louis Addiction Prevention Program Targets Inmates

Missouri Outreach

Narcan and counseling available for addicted inmates Funded by a federal grant, officials in St. Louis are providing addicted inmates with information and Narcan as they leave prison. As reported by WTVA, most of the money goes for treatment, but there’s also prevention money, including money to get Narcan into the hands of people in the criminal justice… Read More

Former Addicts Helping Addicts in the ER

Saint Louis

Innovative program offers help to addicts in the ER Faced with an ongoing overdose crisis, participants in the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis asked: “How can we work together to get this under control?” The network is a consortium of health providers, leaders, advocates and consumers who work together to address barriers to mental health services…. Read More