Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD is characterized by persistent thoughts cycling through their minds that trigger anxiety and worry about what are often irrational fears. These fears become something the person struggling with the disorder ends up obsessing over and in an effort to try to neutralize these thoughts, people with obsessive compulsive disorder develop rituals whether consciously… Read More

ADHD: Dual Diagnosis, or a Gateway, Gateway Disorder?

ADHD is a psychiatric disorder that is treated, often, with cognitive enhancing stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin. There’s been controversy for a long time around these medications opening the door for a teenager to experiment with alcohol and tobacco, chemical substances often considered “gateway drugs”. So is ADHD a kind of gateway disorder, opening up a desire in… Read More

Never Underestimate Your Opponent

  “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” Sun Tzu, Chinese Military Strategist On your road to recovery there will be both ups and downs that will make you question your way. The downs can be very low. You could feel hopeless. You might feel like you haven’t moved forward one inch. You might think that you… Read More

Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced When Quitting Amphetamines

Amphetamine addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing, not to mention wreck their relationships and career. Amphetamines are sometimes taken as a means of advancing people’s productivity in school or work, but it’s a slippery slope from the moment speed is advancing your career and you’re careening off the cliff of addiction. But don’t… Read More

Coping with Stress and Other Addiction Triggers

When you get back home from one of our South Florida drug rehab facilities you still have plenty of work to do to recover from your drug and alcohol addiction and to keep walking down the sober path. Part of getting back to life is working hard to continue understanding your addiction and the way you are triggered… Read More

Do Drug Rehabs in South Florida Provide Holistic Options?

There are many different types of programs that are offered in drug rehabs in South Florida. Holistic programs or programs that incorporate holistic approaches to treatment into their program are quickly rising in popularity. Incorporating holistic approaches to treatment into drug rehab programs in South Florida provides numerous benefits for clients both during and after treatment.

How To Find A Good South Florida Drug Rehab

There are hundreds of South Florida drug rehabs. Knowing how to find one that will work well for you or your loved one is important. Your experience in treatment will be directly affected by the South Florida drug rehab you choose, so it is important to do your research. Fortunately, there are many great South Florida drug rehabs… Read More