New Report: Drug Deaths in OH are Rising Faster than Ever Before

New Report: Drug Deaths in OH are Rising Faster than Ever Before New data from hundreds of health organizations shows an astounding increase in the number of drug-related deaths in 2017. For the first time, “Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50,” due to the ongoing opioid crisis. According to the New… Read More

Simultaneously Treating OCD and Addiction

treating OCD

Treating OCD and Addiction Simultaneously Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is an anxiety disorder that is debilitating for those that live with its symptoms from day to day. It affects a person’s ability to perform daily tasks and seems to control all areas of life. Unfortunately, many undiagnosed individuals do not seek help for their OCD symptoms instead turn… Read More

Recovery Tools for Successful Sobriety

successful sobriety

Recovery Tools for Successful Sobriety Addiction treatment is the best place to start to live a sober lifestyle successfully. However, it’s after treatment that you will need certain recovery tools to maintain your sobriety for the long haul. Treatment is the place to start learning how to cope with life sober, and after treatment is when you will… Read More

The Danger of Drugs in High School

Drugs in High School

The Danger of Drugs in High School With the back-to-school season upon us, it’s natural for parents to worry about their children, and especially the presence of drugs in high school. It’s a sad but true fact that many cases of addiction happen in the teenage years. While we’d like to think that schools are safe, unfortunately, there… Read More

What is A Sober Living Community And What Are The Benefits?

For many recovering addicts, deciding to live in a sober living community has been a key to their sustained sobriety. They have helped countless individuals make the transition from treatment to independent living while looking for employment, attending meetings and even going to school. Understanding what a sober living community is and what the benefits are is a… Read More

FHE Health Sober Living Program by Peter Marinelli

sober living program

About Our Sober Living Program FHE Health Sober Living Program is not just another sober house for men to reside. This program features very unique components. Along with the highest of standards and a curriculum that is based in spirituality, the residents of FHE Health Sober Living Program are part of a team that has thus far produced… Read More

The Present Moment by Peter Marinelli

Is the present moment unacceptable, unpleasant or awful? “It is as it is. Observe how the mind labels it and how this labeling process, this continuous sitting in judgment, creates pain and unhappiness. By watching the mechanics of the mind, you step out of its resistance patterns, and you can then allow the present to moment to be…. Read More

911 by Peter Marinelli

At the end of the road, the sufferer of addiction knows loneliness and isolation like few do. Desperation and the thoughts of ending one’s life appear with regularity. It isn’t how it starts out however. At the beginning when we first use everything seems to feel right. We feel we are part of life at last and life… Read More

Intensive Inpatient Treatment Might be the Only choice in Deerfield Beach

Updated February 5th, 2019 How do you know if Intensive Inpatient Treatment might be the right choice for you in Deerfield Beach, Florida? Perhaps you have tried to get yourself on the road to sobriety before and failed. The issue may not be you, but the quality of care you are receiving. Our team of Intensive Inpatient Staff are there… Read More

Drug Rehabilitation and the Benefits

Understanding drug rehabilitation and the benefits of a recovery program can be vital to overcoming addiction. The staff at FHE Health has the experience and training to provide you with information on the programs that are available. They will work with you to begin working through your issues and developing a recovery plan. Understanding Drug Rehabilitation and the… Read More