Should Philly Safe Sites Allow Crack Cocaine?


Should Other Drugs Be Allowed In Philly Safe Sites? As Philadelphia explores opening safe injection sites for opioid addicts, questions arise whether to allow other drugs such as crack cocaine. As reported by the Inquirer, cities such as Toronto provide special kits for crack cocaine users in an effort to help limit the spread of infection. However, it… Read More

Little Rock Overdoses Turn Deadly

Little Rock

In Little Rock, 2018 Starts On a Grim Note At this time last year, Little Rock had seen its share of overdoses, but only one fatality. Now, just one month into 2018, and there have already been five overdose deaths. As reported by Arkansas Matters, Little Rock Police officials say overdose death numbers so far in 2018 are… Read More

Could Prescription Heroin Help Philly Addicts?

Legal heroin

Should Philly pursue even bolder steps to fight opioid crisis? As the opioid crisis continues its deadly path of destructions, cities like Philadelphia are exploring new public initiatives such as safe injection sites. As reported in, one Temple University professor proposes that the city should push the boundaries even further and explore providing medical-assisted recovery, and even… Read More

NY State Assembly Considers Safe Injection Sites

Safe Injection Site

NY State Assembly explores safe injection sites Safe injection sites have been adopted in Canada and Europe, but have yet to gain traction in the US. Now, however, that trend might be changing as a growing number of cities and states are ready to take dramatic steps in the fight against the opioid crisis. As reported in the… Read More