Opioid Antidote or Party Favor? “Narcan parties” are the latest trend

There’s a surprising new trend in Pennsylvania, dealers and addicts have found a new way to use heroin. They are combining Narcan and Heroin together as a package deal at parties and selling the combination to prospective customers. Fox25Boston.com reports, “Addicts and dealers are taking advantage of this heroin reversal drug, and they’re throwing parties where they sell Heroin and… Read More

Paramedics Revive 11 Year-Old Opiate Overdose Beechview, PA Victim

A sixth-grader at South Hills Middle School was found unresponsive last week after an accidental opiate overdose. Paramedics found the 11 year-old girl at home after her family called 911 and administered CPR on her. The paramedics then administered Narcan, a drug that treats opiate overdoses in emergency situations. After regaining consciousness, the young girl was agressive and had… Read More

What Happens Inside an Addicted Brain?

What Happens Inside an Addicted Brain? In this day and age, it is widely recognized and accepted that substance dependence is a brain disease. Unfortunately, addiction and alcoholism still carry a stigma for many people. However, the medical world and society as a whole are coming to understand that these conditions are actually mental and physical disorders that… Read More

Hallucinogen Addiction: More than just a Bad Trip

Hallucinogen Addiction: More than just a Bad Trip In recent decades, hallucinogens have been more evident in recreational drug use. These drugs cause weird side effects like visions, skewed perceptions, and audio hallucinations. Although people think these drugs are natural and harmless, many are man-made and provide terrifying side effects. Another myth is that hallucinogen addiction is not… Read More

The Harmful Effects of Opiates on the Body

Effects of Opiates

The Harmful Effects of Opiates on the Body Opiates are a growing concern in American society. This “opioid epidemic” is caused by the increasing amount of doctors that are prescribing opiates for chronic pain. Opioids are among the most addictive substances that exist on our planet. Once patients become addicted to their prescription medications, they seek more affordable… Read More

Social Media’s Role in Addiction


Social Media’s Role in Addiction The world has truly evolved in the last 20 years. That applies to lots of things, including drug and alcohol addiction and social media. With addiction as rampant as it is, social media serves as a platform to exchange and buy drugs, advertise drug and alcohol-fueled exploits, and even to ask for help… Read More

How to Find Affordable Drug Rehab

The more you learn about recovery programs the easier it will be to find affordable drug rehab. Working with trained specialists, like the staff at FHE Health, can be an important part of understanding addiction programs. Tips to Help Find Affordable Drug Rehab – start with your health insurance. Many policies offer coverage for rehabilitation in certain programs…. Read More

Are all Alcohol Treatment Programs AA Based?

Not all alcohol treatment programs are AA based programs. You will even find some that do not follow a 12 step principle at all. The key to recovery is not what worked for others, but what works in your unique situation.  You will need to work with a trained recovery counselor, like one of the experienced staff at… Read More

Why Resolutions? by Peter Marinelli

Why Resolutions? by Peter Marinelli As we approach another New Year, anticipation surrounds many, along with promises, hope and resolutions.  All very worthy of their initial intent, but rarely followed or realized by those who make them.  How many last but a short time and the very thing we wanted is quickly forgotten and we are caught up… Read More