New Study Discovers Opioids Provide No Pain-relieving Advantage


Prescription Opioid Pain-relief is Overrated After countless overdose deaths, it turns out that opioid pain-killers are actually no better than over the counter pain-killers. In a new head-to-head study against over the counter medicines such as Tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin, opioid products made no significant improvement in pain reduction. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, for all… Read More

Deaths Still Climbing In NY, Even As Painkiller Prescriptions Decline

Hudson Valley

NY Sees Decline in Painkiller Scripts As the opioid crisis has unfolded, legislators and public health officials have worked to reduce the numbers of opioid painkiller prescriptions that are written. Now, the latest data shows that that effort is gaining traction, with the number of prescriptions declining across the country. However, many areas within New York state actually… Read More

Addiction Strikes Mother and Son in Lafayette, Louisiana

Pamela Knight

Pamela Knight shares her struggles with addiction She was a model high school student, but behind the scenes Pamela Knight was drinking heavily. Then later, in her 20s, she began using cocaine on the weekends. As reported in The Advertiser, after her second son, Connor, was born in 1993 things began to spin out of control. “He’s the… Read More

7 Signs of Holiday Drug Addiction

Drunk Santa

This is Not Always the Most Wonderful Time of the Year While there are many reasons for celebration this time of year, for people struggling with addiction it can be an especially challenging time. Here are seven signs to watch out for this holiday season. 1). Naughty or Nice? Does the approach of Christmas make you feel concerned… Read More

In York PA, November is the Cruelest Month

York, PA

Central PA Struck By Drug Overdose Crisis The York County Coroner’s Office is not pulling any punches in trying to communicate the severity and danger of the current opioid crisis. After seeing 16 deaths in the first 19 days of November, they have issued a stark warning: The spate of recent deaths should not be blamed on a… Read More

In Lancaster, PA – Not All is Good and Plenty

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Tight-knit communities struggle with opioid crisis. In a region famous for it lush farmland and picturesque Amish buggies – community leaders are now grappling with a growing opioid crisis that is anything but quaint. Newly released data from – a product of a group of law enforcement and medical professionals in Pennsylvania, shows that over the last… Read More

Former Addicts Helping Addicts in the ER

Saint Louis

Innovative program offers help to addicts in the ER Faced with an ongoing overdose crisis, participants in the Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis asked: “How can we work together to get this under control?” The network is a consortium of health providers, leaders, advocates and consumers who work together to address barriers to mental health services…. Read More

Will A New Class of Painkillers Reduce Overdoses?

New Painkillers

A new class of painkillers may lower overdose deaths Opioids offer incredible pain relief by acting on neuronal receptors. Unfortunately, they also have a powerful impact on portions of the brain that control respiration, leading to slower breathing – and in many instances – death. Now, the FDA is in the process of approving a new class of… Read More

Why the US is Leading the World in Prescription Painkiller Abuse

Why the US is Leading the World in Prescription Painkiller Abuse? More than any other country in the world, the United States is in the lead when it comes to prescription painkiller, or opioid, abuse: nearly 50,000 doses of opioids are taken daily for every one million Americans. Prescription painkillers killed more than 33,000 people in 2015, according… Read More