The Role of Unnecessary Prescriptions in the Opioid Crisis

The Role of unnecessary prescriptions in the opioid crisis

When used appropriately, prescription opioids play an important role in pain reduction. Unfortunately, these drugs also come with serious risks, including a high risk of addiction. While many doctors have taken steps to reduce how many prescriptions they write for these addiction-risk drugs, there is evidence that over-prescription still happens. When a doctor prescribes too many painkillers or… Read More

Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine Leaving Trail of Overdoses Across the Country

Fentanyl Laced Cocaine

Deadly Fentanyl Increasingly Found In Cocaine Fentanyl-laced cocaine is causing overdoses all across the country, and leaving a trail of unexpected death and heartbreak. As reported by NPR, a pipe was the only sign of drug use found near Chris Bennett’s body in November. But it looked like the 32-year-old Taunton, Mass., native had stopped breathing and died of… Read More

Even Toddlers Endangered By Opioids

Child Overdose

More Than 30,000 Children Poisoned By Household Drugs With millions of parents struggling with addiction, there have been growing numbers of young children suffering from accidental overdose. As reported by Medical Xpress, tens of thousands of toddlers and preschoolers are accidentally poisoned when they get into the drug stash of a parent or older sibling, claims a new report… Read More

As Opioid Prescriptions Decline, Heroin Overdoses Skyrocket

As Opioid Prescriptions Drop, Addicts Switch to Street Drugs With Deadly Consequences While opioid prescriptions have declined due to aggressive government regulations and shutting down pill mills, heroin related overdoses have skyrocketed. As reported by the Washington Post,  research from the American Action Forum shows that as authorities cracked down on the overprescribing of powerful painkillers, international cartels filled the void with… Read More

Prescribed To Death Memorial To Appear At White House

Prescribed to Death 2

Powerful exhibit will make a stop at the White House A National Safety Council exhibit that remembers more than 22,000 people who have died from opioid overdoses will be placed on the South Lawn of the White House in April. As reported by Mass Live, the current administration will pay homage to the 22,000 Americans killed each year… Read More

Native Americans Slammed By Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic Devastating Tribal Communities The CDC released data showing that Native Americans have been especially hard hit by the opioid crisis, with overdose deaths higher than any other group. As reported by KRQE, Overdose deaths in Native American communities have skyrocketed in the time the opioid epidemic has swept the U.S. and federal officials are looking for… Read More

Florida Lawmakers Fund Opioid Battle


Florida Funds Opioid Battle Florida lawmakers passed legislation to fund the opioid battle, including programs for prescription limits, education requirements and funding for treatment. As reported by, In the waning hours of the annual session, the Florida Legislature approved tough new restrictions on prescription drugs and agreed to spend more than $53 million on treatment and prevention… Read More

Vancouver Calls to Decriminalize Drug Possession


In Face of Crisis, Vancouver Considers Legalizing Drugs In the face of an overwhelming opioid epidemic, officials in Vancouver are calling to decriminalize individual drug possession. As reported by CBC News, the city of Vancouver is calling on the federal government to immediately decriminalize the personal possession of all drugs. Managing director of social policy, Mary Clare Zak,… Read More

James Franco and Abbi Jacobson Star in Netflix Film About Addiction

Netflix 6 Balloons

Updated on April 2, 2019 New Film Addresses the Loneliness of Addiction Netflix has produced a new film that stars James Franco and Abbi Jacobson, and that takes an intimate look at a family dealing with the impact of addiction. As reviewed by the Daily Dot, 6 Balloons, which debuted at SXSW on Monday, tells the story of… Read More

Philadelphia Urges Residents to Carry Narcan


Brotherly Love Now Means Carrying Narcan As the opioid crisis in Philadelphia shows no signs of easing, officials now are urging residents to carry life-saving doses of Narcan with them. As reported by The Inquirer, the city’s health department announced a new ad campaign showcasing how easy naloxone is to use and urging residents to obtain it. “There… Read More