Camden Addicts Head to Philly for Clean Needles

Philly Needle Exchange Saving Lives in Camden The Camden needle exchange closed two years ago, forcing addicts to take the train to Philadelphia to get clean needles. As reported by, nearly every week for the last two years, Christina Brown and her friends have begged for change until they have enough to cross the bridge from Camden… Read More

Cocaine-Fentanyl Combination Hits Philly Hard

Philly Fentanyl

Philly Increasingly Faces Deadly Mix of Cocaine-Fentanyl Philadelphia has been averaging more than 100 overdose deaths a month, and now a deadly mix of cocaine and fentanyl is leading to more casualties. As reported by The Inquirer, cheap, potent fentanyl — which can be 10 times stronger than heroin — has long been found in heroin, often with… Read More

Addict Dies Just Hours After Entering Philadelphia Prison

Philadelphia Prison

Cause of Death Remains Unclear After Man Dies in Philadelphia Prison 53-year-old Ed Zaleski had struggled with opioid addiction since his 20s when he received a Percocet prescription for back pain. Over the years he had several relapses and was in and out of prison, but still tried to be a good role model for his stepsons. At… Read More

Philadelphia Creates Dedicated Overdose Unit

Philly Rocky

City of Brotherly Love expanding efforts to fight heroin epidemic Officials in Philadelphia have announced that they are creating a dedicated EMS Unit that will focus on overdoses. The program is expected to launch by mid-summer and focus on the hard hit Kensington and Fairhill neighborhoods. The city’s managing director, Michael DiBerardinis, says the unit is part of… Read More

Philly is #1 in Cheesesteaks, Football & Drug Overdoses

City of Brotherly Love Battling Addiction Crisis In recent years, Philadelphia has been enjoying a genuine renaissance of new restaurants, world class museums and a growing population of young urban professionals. It is a notable change from previous decades when the city struggled with a shrinking population and less than stellar nightlife. For football crazy Eagles fans, sitting… Read More