Camden Addicts Head to Philly for Clean Needles

Philly Needle Exchange Saving Lives in Camden The Camden needle exchange closed two years ago, forcing addicts to take the train to Philadelphia to get clean needles. As reported by, nearly every week for the last two years, Christina Brown and her friends have begged for change until they have enough to cross the bridge from Camden… Read More

Philadelphia Urges Residents to Carry Narcan


Brotherly Love Now Means Carrying Narcan As the opioid crisis in Philadelphia shows no signs of easing, officials now are urging residents to carry life-saving doses of Narcan with them. As reported by The Inquirer, the city’s health department announced a new ad campaign showcasing how easy naloxone is to use and urging residents to obtain it. “There… Read More

New Philly Ad Campaign Targets ‘Heroin In Pill Form’


New Ads Take Tough Stance on Prescription Painkillers A provocative new Philly ad campaign targets the use of prescription opioids, warning they are “heroin in pill form” and urges viewers – “don’t take the risk”. As reported by WHYY, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is launching a new installment of an awareness campaign warning people to avoid… Read More

Should Philly Safe Sites Allow Crack Cocaine?


Should Other Drugs Be Allowed In Philly Safe Sites? As Philadelphia explores opening safe injection sites for opioid addicts, questions arise whether to allow other drugs such as crack cocaine. As reported by the Inquirer, cities such as Toronto provide special kits for crack cocaine users in an effort to help limit the spread of infection. However, it… Read More

Cocaine-Fentanyl Combination Hits Philly Hard

Philly Fentanyl

Philly Increasingly Faces Deadly Mix of Cocaine-Fentanyl Philadelphia has been averaging more than 100 overdose deaths a month, and now a deadly mix of cocaine and fentanyl is leading to more casualties. As reported by The Inquirer, cheap, potent fentanyl — which can be 10 times stronger than heroin — has long been found in heroin, often with… Read More

Could Prescription Heroin Help Philly Addicts?

Legal heroin

Should Philly pursue even bolder steps to fight opioid crisis? As the opioid crisis continues its deadly path of destructions, cities like Philadelphia are exploring new public initiatives such as safe injection sites. As reported in, one Temple University professor proposes that the city should push the boundaries even further and explore providing medical-assisted recovery, and even… Read More

Proposed Safe Injection Sites Raise Questions In Philly

Philly Rocky

Philly officials weight options for safe injection sites Faced with more than 100 overdose deaths a month, officials in Philadelphia are looking to open safe injection sites where addicts can shoot up in the presence of public health officials. By no means a panacea, this effort is not without critics. As reported by WTOP, there are more questions… Read More

Philadelphia Pushes For Safe Injection Sites

Philly Fentanyl

As overdose deaths continue to mount, Philadelphia officials propose radical action After averaging more than 100 overdose deaths a month in 2017, Philadelphia officials are moving forward with controversial plans for safe injection sites. As reported by WHYY, city officials gave the proposition the green light Tuesday. They were armed with feasibility studies, harrowing overdose statistics and the… Read More

Addict Dies Just Hours After Entering Philadelphia Prison

Philadelphia Prison

Cause of Death Remains Unclear After Man Dies in Philadelphia Prison 53-year-old Ed Zaleski had struggled with opioid addiction since his 20s when he received a Percocet prescription for back pain. Over the years he had several relapses and was in and out of prison, but still tried to be a good role model for his stepsons. At… Read More

A Quiet Evening At Home Shattered By Overdose Crash

Christmas Lab

Overdose crash shatters family’s home, leads to death of yellow lab It was supposed to be a relaxing evening at home in a quiet Bucks County neighborhood north of Philadelphia, when all of a sudden a red Honda came crashing through the sliding doors, seriously injuring the homeowner. It turns out that the driver of the car had… Read More