PA Overdose Deaths Surge To 15 A Day

Pennsylvania Opioids

PA Struggles To Assess the Scope of Overdose Epidemic As the CDC compiles statistics for 2017, certain states like Pennsylvania are coming to grips with a surging opioid crisis that shows no signs of ending. As many as 15 people a day are overdosing and dying in the Keystone State. As reported by the Meadville Tribune, everyone knows… Read More

Pennsylvania Launches Opioid Dashboard

Pennsylvania Opioids

New PA Data Dashboard Sheds Light on Opioid Crisis Pennsylvania recently launched a new opioid dashboard that integrates data from across the state and visually displays trends regarding the ongoing opioid crisis. As reported by ABC 27, acting Health Secretary and Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine says more than 4,600 people in Pennsylvania died of an overdose in… Read More

York County, PA Slammed With 13 Overdose Deaths In 10 Days

Overdose Deaths Slam Central Pennsylvania Fentanyl is suspected in a surge of overdose deaths in York County, PA where the coroner released details surrounding thirteen deaths in just ten days. As reported by ABC27 News, thirteen people in York County have died from suspected heroin and fentanyl overdoses in just 10 days, Coroner Pam Gay said. Gay said… Read More

Pennsylvania ER Overdose Visits Are Overflowing

ER Overdose Visits

ER Overdose Visits Surge – Opioid Crisis Shows No Signs of Slowing New CDC data shows that ER overdose visits rose sharply in many states across the country, with Pennsylvania spiking by more than 80% between July 2016 and September 2017. Officials believe fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are driving the deadly surge. As reported by, emergency… Read More

Penn State Police Will Start Carrying Naloxone

Penn State

PSU Officers Trained On Administering Life-saving Naloxone Penn State police will begin carrying Naloxone as part of an initiative providing 60,000 naloxone kits across Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. As reported by, Penn State University Police will join other local law enforcement in carrying naloxone, a drug that has been a critical tool for first responders dealing with the… Read More

Lehigh County Outreach Targets Overdose Survivors

Bethlehem PA

Overdose Survivors Will Receive Home Visit A new outreach program in Lehigh County is targeting overdose survivors, providing them with a “home support visit” within 48-72 hours. As reported by Lehigh Valley Live, Lehigh County officials announced an outreach program that would kick in after a person is saved by the opioid overdose antidote naloxone. Blue Guardian will… Read More

Reset Your Brain – New Course Helps Fight Addiction


Curriculum focuses on the pathways of addiction Taught by author Steve Treu, a new course at Butler County Community College in Pennsylvania will focus on an alternative approach to the understanding, treatment, and successful recovery of opioid addiction. The course is targeted for those in opioid recovery, family or friends of those that suffer from opioid addiction, support… Read More

Pennsylvania Health Officials Flying Blind In Midst of Overwhelming Drug Epidemic

Welcome to Pennsylvania

PA Death Certificates Missing Critical Data – What Drugs Were Involved? As the opioid epidemic continues to claim thousands of lives across the state, Pennsylvania death certificates are missing key details regarding cause of death. As reported by The Inquirer, officials at the CDC can see that fentanyl is causing a spike in deaths across the country. But,… Read More

Why Fentanyl is Flooding into Pennsylvania

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Curse of geography funnels flood of fentanyl into Keystone State As the opioid crisis continues to evolve, deadly new synthetic drugs like fentanyl are flooding into the market. Pennsylvania has been especially hard hit by the potent new killer, leading a record number of overdose deaths. As reported by, officials recently seized a shipment of drugs heading… Read More

Opioid Crisis Declared Statewide Disaster in Pennsylvania

Governor Wolff

Opioid Crisis in Pennsylvania Now An Official Disaster For the thousands and thousands of families all across Pennsylvania who have seen loved ones die from opioid-related overdoses, the disaster has already been a long and grim reality, but hopefully Governor Wolff’s first-ever public health Statewide Disaster Declaration will help stem the losses over the coming years. “While we… Read More