York PA Nurse Saves Overdose Victim At Walmart

York Walmart Supercenter

Daughter Watches As Mom Saves A Life A York PA nurse was shopping at Walmart when she saw a man overdosing in the aisle. Fortunately she had two doses of Narcan in her purse and saved him. As reported by the York Daily Record, Talysha Hughes was running errands with her 8-year-old daughter Thursday evening when she stopped… Read More

York County, PA Slammed With 13 Overdose Deaths In 10 Days

Overdose Deaths Slam Central Pennsylvania Fentanyl is suspected in a surge of overdose deaths in York County, PA where the coroner released details surrounding thirteen deaths in just ten days. As reported by ABC27 News, thirteen people in York County have died from suspected heroin and fentanyl overdoses in just 10 days, Coroner Pam Gay said. Gay said… Read More

Pennsylvania ER Overdose Visits Are Overflowing

ER Overdose Visits

ER Overdose Visits Surge – Opioid Crisis Shows No Signs of Slowing New CDC data shows that ER overdose visits rose sharply in many states across the country, with Pennsylvania spiking by more than 80% between July 2016 and September 2017. Officials believe fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are driving the deadly surge. As reported by Philly.com, emergency… Read More

Doctor Arrested, Pennsylvania’s Largest Pill Mill Shut Down

Mt. Carmel PA

DEA Agents link doctor to five overdose deaths Mt. Carmel, PA is a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, located almost 100 miles from Philadelphia in the old anthracite coal region. DEA officials are claiming this quiet town is the epicenter of the state’s largest prescription “pill mill” where one doctor has single-handedly prescribed millions of pills over the… Read More

There Ain’t No Narcan Left in Nashville

Nashville Narcan

Officials raise concerns as life-saving medication is running low In Nashville, close to a dozen people have overdosed in the last two weeks alone. “It breaks my heart,” said Dewayne Holman, the executive director of the Nashville Prevention Partnership. Holman received a grant to supply the lifesaving drug Narcan to agencies who need it in Davidson County, but… Read More

Grandparents in Pennsylvania Stuck Taking Care of Grandkids

PA Grandparents

As their children die in heroin epidemic, grandparents must raise their grandkids Like many others in Pennsylvania, Joanne Clough is adjusting to unexpected retirement moments. Like when she forgot about the baby gate, which sent her sprawling into the dark room. Her first thought was about the toddler in arms. Her next thought was about her artificial knee,… Read More

Pennsylvania Distributing 60,000 Naloxone Kits

PA Naloxone Kits

State officials distribute naloxone to emergency response agencies As the opioid crisis continues to cut lives short across Pennsylvania, officials at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency are providing 13,752 kits of the overdose reversal drug to 59 counties through a $5 million appropriation included in the 2017-18 state budget. These are among 60,000 kits that will… Read More

Pennsylvania Braces for Surging Death Rate

PA Independence Hall

PA Trends Paint a Grim Picture If currents trends continue, Pennsylvania is facing a surge in death rates over the next decade. According to a new report released by Well Being Trust, a national foundation that aims to improve mental health, the death rate in Pennsylvania from drugs, alcohol and suicide could increase an incredible 46 percent over… Read More

Even Drug Counselors Are At Risk As 2 OD in PA

Even Drug Counselors Are At Risk As 2 OD in PA Highlighting the destructive power of the current opioid epidemic – even drug counselors themselves are not immune. West Brandywine, PA District Attorney Tom Hogan said he knew something was out of the ordinary when he received a call about about a drug overdose on a Sunday. “I… Read More