Kentucky Doctor Mourns Loss of Son to Overdose

Eastern Kentucky

Physician fights to help community after losing his son to addiction In Eastern Kentucky, Dr. William Fannin witnessed as the opioid crisis first hit the region in the 1990s and escalated into the 2000s. It even took son, Sean Fannin, at the age of 28. As reported in the Courier Journal, Dr. Fannin found his son unconscious in… Read More

Ohio Drug Court Delivers Mixed Verdict On Treatment Success

Ohio Drug Court

Drug Court judge sees success and failure with addiction treatment programs Trumbull County, just north of Youngstown, Ohio, has been hit hard by the current opioid crisis. As officials grapple with the crisis, they are trying to help criminal offenders deal with their addiction rather than simply sending them to prison. One solution is a so-called “drug court”,… Read More

Kevin Stevens – Penguins Star Shattered By Addiction

Kevin Stevens Shattered

Documentary explores the depths of an All-Star addiction In the early 1990s, Kevin Stevens was one of the NHL’s most feared scorers. He tallied 54 goals in the 1991-92 season, played alongside the likes of Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr, and won a pair of Stanley Cup titles. Then he suffered a gruesome facial injury in 1993 –… Read More

Arkansas Police Department Warns About Accidental Fentanyl Exposure

Arkansas Police Department Warns About Accidental Fentanyl Exposure Leachville Police Department, in Arkansas, recently warned Walmart shoppers to wipe down their shopping carts—and not just because of germs. “You know when you go to Walmart and they have the wipes to clean your cart handle? How many of you don’t use them?” read Wednesday’s Facebook post, which was… Read More

How to Get Through Pain Without Painkiller Addiction

painkiller addiction

How to Get Through Pain Without Painkiller Addiction The opioid epidemic in America is at a record high. A vast majority of the time, people who got addicted initially went to their doctor for pain relief or a medical procedure. Most of them had no intention of developing a painkiller addiction, and they never even saw it coming…. Read More

Five Things You Must Know About Painkiller Addiction

Painkiller addiction is a growing epidemic in this country.  As more and more people go to doctors expecting immediate pain relief, more and more painkillers are being prescribed.  As medical science advances further, patients expect that doctors are going to be able to immediately cure what ails them.  As doctors have more prescription quotas to fill, they are… Read More