Drug Rehabilitation and the Benefits

Understanding drug rehabilitation and the benefits of a recovery program can be vital to overcoming addiction. The staff at FHE Health has the experience and training to provide you with information on the programs that are available. They will work with you to begin working through your issues and developing a recovery plan. Understanding Drug Rehabilitation and the… Read More

Are all Alcohol Treatment Programs AA Based?

Not all alcohol treatment programs are AA based programs. You will even find some that do not follow a 12 step principle at all. The key to recovery is not what worked for others, but what works in your unique situation.  You will need to work with a trained recovery counselor, like one of the experienced staff at… Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a FL Drug Rehab

Learning the top 5 reasons to attend a FL drug rehab can help you begin making plans for your recovery. The staff at the FHE Healthcan give you the inside tips on the benefits of recovery programs and how to make the best work for your needs.Learn the Top 5 Reasons to Attend a FL Drug Rehab 1…. Read More