Colorado Expands Health Services in Face of Opioid Surge


State Officials Take Action in Face of Growing Opioid Crisis As heroin-related deaths continue to rise, legislators in Colorado are looking to expand public health services. Colorado’s legislative Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Interim Study Committee recently voted to move forward with a six-bill package of legislation, aimed to help treat, prevent and intervene if possible when… Read More

Punxsutawney, PA Hit Hard By Deadly Fentanyl

Punxsutawney, PA

Central Pennsylvania Fighting Wave of Fentanyl Overdoses In a town best known for its famous weather groundhog, Punxsutawney is getting a fresh round of “bad weather” as a batch of deadly fentanyl is rolling through the this scenic region of Central Pennsylvania. State Police at Punxsutawney issued a warning on Friday afternoon about a batch of potentially lethal… Read More

In Albany Fentanyl Is the New Heroin


Fentanyl overwhelms NY state capitol Following a trend seen across the country, fentanyl has become “the new heroin” in the Albany region. Cheaper and stronger than heroin, fentanyl has been driving an increase in overdose deaths since 2013, federal data revealed this year. The white powder, largely imported from China, is now so commonly found in illicit drugs… Read More

Philadelphia Creates Dedicated Overdose Unit

Philly Rocky

City of Brotherly Love expanding efforts to fight heroin epidemic Officials in Philadelphia have announced that they are creating a dedicated EMS Unit that will focus on overdoses. The program is expected to launch by mid-summer and focus on the hard hit Kensington and Fairhill neighborhoods. The city’s managing director, Michael DiBerardinis, says the unit is part of… Read More

“Iron Man 2” Heroin Slams Central Mass

Palmer Mass

Police Warn Residents in Palmer to Avoid Deadly Batch of Heroin During the holiday week, the small town of Palmer has suffered 4 overdoses, prompting police to issue a warning on Twitter. It’s due to a particularly dangerous brand of heroin stamped “Iron Man 2.” Palmer police think the drug may be laced with the powerful synthetic opioid,… Read More

The Science of Addiction Drives New Treatments

brain waves

Addiction research unlocks the hope for new treatments Luigi Gallimberti is a psychiatrist and toxicologist who has treated addiction for 30 years, and runs a clinic in Padua, Italy. Frustrated by traditional treatments, he decided to try a new procedure called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This approach, based on new insights about the mechanisms of addiction, helps to… Read More

Chinese Fentanyl Manufacturers Indicted

Chinese Fentanyl Kingpins Targeted By US DOJ Made In China goods have become woven into the US economy over the last two decades, so perhaps it’s not surprising that now synthetic opioids are also being manufactured in China and shipped to the US via the mail. In an effort to crack down on these deadly shipments the US… Read More

Former Addicts in St. Louis Celebrate Christmas

St. Louis

Addicts in St. Louis Celebrating Their Recovery This Christmas Writing at Huff Post, author Ritchie Farrell looked at how the lives of five former addicts were changed for the better by Naltrexone – a relatively under-used drug in the battle against opioid addiction: How did five heroin addicts from St. Louis, Missouri do it? How are they celebrating… Read More

Fentanyl Deaths Dramatically Cutting US Life Expectancy


CDC report highlights impact of fentanyl The CDC released its latest report on the opioid epidemic, and the statistics are staggering. About 63,600 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the CDC data show. About 42,000 of them died after taking opioids. Among these deaths, 19,000 were due to a synthetic opioid. Those who are familiar with the… Read More

Doctor Arrested, Pennsylvania’s Largest Pill Mill Shut Down

Mt. Carmel PA

DEA Agents link doctor to five overdose deaths Mt. Carmel, PA is a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, located almost 100 miles from Philadelphia in the old anthracite coal region. DEA officials are claiming this quiet town is the epicenter of the state’s largest prescription “pill mill” where one doctor has single-handedly prescribed millions of pills over the… Read More