Burlington Officials Link Overdose Survivors To Treatment

Burlington Vermont

New programs help addicts just after an overdose One of the frustrations that many healthcare providers experience is that they will rescue someone from an overdose only to see them a short time later again in the ER. Now, officials in Burlington Vermont are working to help overdose survivors get help immediately after they recover in the ER…. Read More

Springfield Missouri Police Swamped With Drug Investigations

Springfield Missouri

Police attention consumed by drug-related crime The opioid crisis continues to ring up staggering costs around the country. First, there is the cost in terms of lives lost and the sheer heartbreak that surrounds each of those families in Springfield, Missouri. The most recent data shows that from 2012 – 2016, Springfield saw 171 deaths from opioids alone…. Read More

New App Uses Blockchain To Fight Addiction

Hayver Platform

Blockchain poised to help fight addiction It seems as though the blockchain is going to change everything these days, and now there is an app using blockchain to help patients beat addiction. As reported by The Blockchain.com, Hayver.io wants to help addicts remain sober by incentivizing behavior that is conducive to recovery. Its software solution incorporates blockchain technology… Read More

5 Tips For Avoiding Opioid Addiction After Surgery

Knee Surgery

Medical groups finally recommend cutting back on opioid painkillers After literally hundreds of thousands of opioid-related deaths, the medical community is finally suggesting that patients might want to cut back on opioid painkillers, even after surgery. Following surgery, many patients head home with prescriptions for 30 or more opioid painkillers — enough to trigger addiction, warns a leading… Read More

New Showtime Series “The Trade” Is An Intense Look At Addiction

The Trade

Director of ‘Cartel Land’ provides access to the frontlines of the opioid epidemic Director Matthew Heineman’s previous documentary on the opioid crisis, Cartel Land, won the George Polk Award for documentary film in 2016. The prize is meant to honor reporters who advanced vital national conversations with their masterful investigative reporting. Now his latest work, entitled “The Trade”,… Read More

Williamson, WV: 2,900 People – 20 Million Pills

Tug Valley

Small Town Is Home to Giant Pill Mill While there have been other so-called “pill mills” in the news, two pharmacies in the tiny town of Williamson, WV may hold the record, having distributed more than 20,000,000 pills over the last decade. As reported by Fox News, a congressional committee investigating the opioid crisis has discovered out-of-state drug… Read More

Heroin Summit In Ohio Sees Sign of Hope

Heroin Summit

Ohio town sees decrease in number of overdoses Ohio has been hit hard by the opioid crisis, with thousands of deaths and countless overdoses. Now, at least in Middletown, OH, there seems to be some small signs of improvement. As officials gathered for the 12th annual Heroin Summit, there were some positive statistics to review. As reported by… Read More

Opioid Amnesia Cases Starting to Spread

Opioid Amnesia

Neurologists increasingly find addicts with memory damage Dr. Jed Barash began noticing a strange pattern of memory damage in his patients at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. The MRI scans of these relatively young patients all showed damage to the hippocampi, which is a key area of the brain for forming new… Read More