National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Awareness of the dangers of pharmaceutical opioids is thankfully growing. Doctors are becoming reluctant to use opioids in cases where other routes have not been pursued first. One of the most effective ways to avoid abusing drugs is to not have them around. The DEA runs a great program to collect and properly dispose of unused or expired… Read More

Can Babies be Born Addicted to Opioids?

Yes. They can and they unfortunately are. In West Virginia’s Cabell County-Huntington Hospital alone each day may see up to five babies born addicted. In a year, that hospital delivers 2,900 babies and a full fifth of them have been exposed to controlled substances in the womb. Up to 400 of these babies may need medication for withdrawal…. Read More

Blue Lights Installed In Restrooms May Hinder Drug Use

It might sound bizarrely simple, but it would appear that a simple change of color might be all it takes for store owners to keep away drug abusers from their public bathrooms. Drug users will sometimes use store bathroom stalls in order to inject drugs, which causes many problems and potential liabilities for store owners. People who inject… Read More

FDA Looks To Future Addiction Risks in the Post-Opioid Crisis World

The Food and Drug Administration has not had the easiest job in the last two or so years, but it would appear that the agency is still willing to take on new challenges. Officials in the FDA published a letter in The New England Journal of Medicine, warning of the dangers of non-opioid painkillers once opioid abuse is… Read More

Are OxyContin and Percocet the Same Thing?

There is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to drugs, especially when it comes to opioids. Even though America is in quite a busy state trying to fight off its large number of opioid addictions, there really isn’t a lot known by the general public about opioids, except that they’re addictive painkillers. This leads into some basic… Read More