Oxycodone, a Foundational Building Block of the Opioid Epidemic

Lately oxycodone has been one of the most commonly prescribed pain pills in the state of Florida, and across the United States. People in Florida can find oxycodone easily enough illicitly, on the street, but it is also a widely prescribed narcotic analgesic, given to patients with acute and persistent pain. In fact, Florida is considered one of… Read More

Untangling Opioids and Opiates During the Opioid Epidemic

According to the World Health Organization “Roughly 450,000 people died as a result of drug use in 2015. Of those deaths, about 160 thousands were directly associated with drug use disorders and about 118 thousands with opioid use disorders.” The news is constantly throwing out headlines about this opioid epidemic, a crisis in not only the state of… Read More

Twofold Increase in Drug Deaths

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has released its preliminary death count for 50 states and Washington DC. In 2017, more than 72,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses. This is about a seven percent increase from 2017, and over the last decade drug deaths have risen twofold. They warn that these numbers are conservative because some investigations… Read More

Implants for Opioid Addiction – Solution or More of The Same Problem?

In the face of the present opioid addiction crisis there has been a scramble to find reliable therapeutic solutions to treat dependence on opioid painkillers. There has been a lot of controversy over MAT or Medication-Assisted Treatment. The theory behind MAT is to use a prescription drug to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms and cravings in order to create… Read More

Addiction’s Feedback Loop…

…Shame & Self Loathing Feed Addiction feeds Shame & Self Loathing feed… Many of the mental health disorders that lead to substance abuse and addiction can be, at least in part, the result of great trauma such as abandonment, neglect, physical, mental or sexual abuse. As a result of that kind of deep tragedy people often fall into… Read More

Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced from Opioid Prescription Drugs

One of the hardest things about prescription drug addiction is that the addict is often someone who would never seek out and purchase illegal drugs. This person was probably prescribed opioids like Oxycontin (Oxycodone), Vicodin (Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen), Dilaudid (hydromorphone), or Morphine as a pain reliever. Maybe they never even abused the drug, perhaps it was simply a… Read More

Words, Not Numbers, When Describing Pain

NPR recently had an eye-opening article called Words Matter When Talking About Pain With Your Doctor. The premise was that because we all experience pain differently, telling your doctor “I feel like I’m at a 6 out of 10” or so is too subjective to give the doctor any real information. The Problem Let’s say that three people… Read More

Feds Push Indiana Based Drug Maker to Pull Opioid Off Market

Indiana-based Endo Pharmaceuticals is the first of potentially many pharmaceutical manufacturers to receive pressure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove a powerful opioid from the market. FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb voiced his concern about the public wellbeing: “We are facing an opioid epidemic — a public health crisis — and we must take all… Read More

Preventing Drug Overdose Deaths

Experts recommend a combination of drug education initiatives, expansion of naloxone programs and even legalization and regulation of heroin. While it might sound crazy, regulating heroin could keep addicts alive long enough to get them into  opiate rehab Florida has to offer. Studies have also found that educating family, friends and police – the real first responders –… Read More

Flight Attendant Caught Smuggling Heroin into State as Opiate Rehab Florida Programs Packed to Capacity

Heroin is at the center of our nation’s latest drug addiction epidemic, with use of the drug skyrocketing from coast to coast. As many opiate rehab Florida centers struggle to keep up with the rising demand from addicts all over the country in need of help, a JetBlue flight attendant has been caught smuggling heroin into Florida from… Read More