Ohio Drug Overdose Deaths Surge in 2017

Columbus OH

Overdose Deaths Soar in Ohio At 3x National Rate As the 2017 data is compiled and finalized, the surge in overdose deaths in Ohio is staggering. As reported by The Times Reporter, the state’s opioid crisis continued to explode, with 5,232 Ohio overdose deaths in the 12 months ending June 31, 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and… Read More

Middle Schooler Brings Fentanyl To School

21 Jump Street

Inspired By 21 Jump Street, Middle Schooler Brings Fentanyl to School As the flood of heroin and fentanyl continues to wash across Ohio, it’s not completely surprising that deadly drugs have even begun showing up in Middle School. As reported by the Daily Caller, police were called to Indian Lake Middle School in Ohio on Thursday after the… Read More

Heroin Summit In Ohio Sees Sign of Hope

Heroin Summit

Ohio town sees decrease in number of overdoses Ohio has been hit hard by the opioid crisis, with thousands of deaths and countless overdoses. Now, at least in Middletown, OH, there seems to be some small signs of improvement. As officials gathered for the 12th annual Heroin Summit, there were some positive statistics to review. As reported by… Read More

Deadly New Drugs Hit Ohio


New generation of drugs hits fentanyl ravaged Ohio region Overdoses death rates have soared in Ohio over the last year, driven by increasing supplies of potent fentanyl. Now, according to the Dayton Daily News, law enforcement in northern Ohio is warning police agencies throughout the state about two substances dealers are using to lace heroin and fentanyl —… Read More

Akron School Board Member Resigns After Overdose

John Otterman

After years of addiction-related incidents, Otterman resigns Ohio has been hard hit by the opioid crisis as it’s ripped across every town and demographic. So it’s not altogether surprising to see that even elected officials have not been immune to this widespread epidemic. As reported in the Akron Beacon Journal, John Otterman, an elected official of the Akron… Read More

Ohio Drug Court Delivers Mixed Verdict On Treatment Success

Ohio Drug Court

Drug Court judge sees success and failure with addiction treatment programs Trumbull County, just north of Youngstown, Ohio, has been hit hard by the current opioid crisis. As officials grapple with the crisis, they are trying to help criminal offenders deal with their addiction rather than simply sending them to prison. One solution is a so-called “drug court”,… Read More

Ohio Attorney General Pushes For Opioid Lawsuit Settlement


National Opioid Settlement Might Be Reached in 2018 As the opioid crisis has exploded over the last few years, countless communities have entered lawsuits against the pharma manufacturers who pushed addictive opioid-based painkillers. Now it appears that these suits might be consolidated in a national settlement. As reported by Reuters, a federal judge pushing for a quick settlement… Read More

Ohio Mother Starts Powerful Support Group for Families of Addicts (FOA)

Families of Addicts

Grassroots initiative reaches more than 7,000 people in Ohio After seeing her daughter struggle with addiction, but discovering that there were few resources available, Lori Erion went ahead and started her own support group. Now she has reached thousands and is hoping to expand Families of Addicts (FOA) across the nation. Explaining the start of her program to… Read More

In the Heartland, Ohio Woman Battles Opioid Crisis


33-year-old Ohio Woman Helps Addicts Find Treatment Like so many others across the country, Nicole Walmsley’s road to addiction began with prescription pain-killers following surgery. As reported in the Pacific Standard, Nicole began abusing various prescription pain meds. “I became addicted,” she says. “They didn’t take me off properly and I got bad.” In 2007, a dealer who… Read More

Ohio Father Shares Christmas Eve Heartbreak

Eastlake Ohio

Daughter’s Overdose Story Goes Viral on Facebook It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, and is especially painful during the holiday season. Tim Sherman from Eastlake Ohio took to Facebook to share his grief and reach out to other families. He described getting the call from an Eastlake police detective, going to his daughter’s home and seeing her dead in… Read More