The $200 Million Promised by NY to Treat Opioid Crisis is Misleading

Although the governor of New York recently said that they will be funneling $200 million into fighting the state’s opioid crisis, that statement is far less impressive than it originally sounds. While the announcement makes it seem like NY would be putting an additional $200 million toward the opioid crisis, they’ll really just be moving the funds from… Read More

Technology Maps Out Opioid Crisis In Nassau County

Heroin Map

ODMAP Technology Gives Officials Realtime Overdose Tracking As the opioid crisis continues to claim countless lives, officials across the country are beginning to deploy sophisticated mapping technology to help track overdose “hotspots”, and be able to proactively warn communities that especially deadly batches of heroin and fentanyl are in the area. As reported by, Nassau County, NY… Read More

Deaths Still Climbing In NY, Even As Painkiller Prescriptions Decline

Hudson Valley

NY Sees Decline in Painkiller Scripts As the opioid crisis has unfolded, legislators and public health officials have worked to reduce the numbers of opioid painkiller prescriptions that are written. Now, the latest data shows that that effort is gaining traction, with the number of prescriptions declining across the country. However, many areas within New York state actually… Read More

New York Cop Goes on a Drug Smuggling Spree

New York Cop

NY Officer Arrested on Multiple Charges The current opioid crisis is cutting across all segments of society, and even the police are not immune to this epidemic. Just this week, Reynaldo Lopez, 26, was arrested after agreeing to deliver what he believed was a hefty quantity of heroin to a drug dealer in the Bronx, authorities said. As… Read More

In New York, Don’t Leave Home Without Your Naloxone

Overdose Kit

New Campaign Urges Residents to Carry Overdose Kits To stem the rising tide of overdose deaths in New York, the state has launched an aggressive new campaign to educate people about the risk of overdoses, especially from powerful synthetic drugs like fentanyl. Among various initiatives, the state is encouraging residents to carry a naloxone kit. These overdose kits… Read More

NY State Launches Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

New York Fentanyl Awareness

NY Sounds the Alarm on Hidden Fentanyl Gov. Cuomo unveiled a new campaign on Tuesday called “Hidden Fentanyl Kills”. The campaign focuses on the increasingly dangerous drug fentanyl. This far-reaching effort will include ads and information cards in English and Spanish detailing the dangers of the drug, prevention tips and guidance on how to respond to an overdose…. Read More

Wall Street Cocaine Dealers Busted For Fentanyl Ring

Wall Street Cocaine

Wall St. Coke Dealers Busted for Fentanyl Their on-call cocaine service was very popular with Wall Street traders. Now, two Bronx brothers who serviced Wall Street-area advertising and real estate professionals have been arrested for running a multi-million dollar fentanyl trafficking operation. The crackdown included the arrest of 16 people in a sweeping drug trafficking conspiracy — capping… Read More

Fentanyl Sales Start to Eclipse Heroin

Fentanyl Death

Deadly Fentanyl Being Sold Directly The opioid crisis is taking an even deadlier turn as dealers are now selling fentanyl as a stand-alone product, dispensing with heroin altogether. While drug traffickers and dealers once used fentanyl to spike the potency of the heroin they sold, the Drug Enforcement Agency said this week that sellers across the country are… Read More