Naloxone’s Role in Reversing Opioid Overdoses

Naloxone's role in reversing opioid overdoses

The opioid epidemic has reached critical proportions, affecting populations across virtually all demographics in the United States. The year 2016 alone saw over 63,000 overdose deaths, an increase of 21.5 percent over 2015. With an estimated 72,000 deaths in 2017, this trend is only worsening, putting more lives at risk with few signs of progress. In fact, the… Read More

Narcan Nation: Surgeon General Urges Widespread Access to Life-saving Drug


Surgeon General Urges Americans to Carry Narcan As opioid-related deaths continue to spike in regions all across the nation, the Surgeon General issued a rare advisory, advising anyone affected by opioids to carry Narcan. As reported by CNN, Dr. Jerome Adams emphasized that “knowing how to use naloxone and keeping it within reach can save a life.” To make… Read More

Fake Weed Plaguing Chicago


Chicago Hit By Wave of Synthetic Weed Authorities in Chicago are tracking the growing use of synthetic weed that has caused a rash of victims with severe bleeding and two fatalities. As reported by CNN, synthetic cannabinoids — often called Spice, K2 or fake weed — have been tied to 56 cases of severe bleeding, including two deaths, across… Read More

“Heroin Hearse” In WV Delivers Blunt Message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?”

Heroin Hearse

Unusual Approach Motivates Some Addicts To Seek Help A “Heroin Hearse” in Huntington WV delivers a blunt message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?” Owner Dwayne Wood drives thousands of miles to nearby states to raise addiction awareness and urge addicts to seek rehab. As reported by NPR,  Woods owns a 1988 Buick hearse with the words… Read More

Addiction Rule Number 1: Stay Alive

Addiction Rule #1

Recovering From Addiction Is A Long Term Battle For addicts and their families, recovery from opioid addiction is usually a multi-year battle. Addiction Rule number 1 for families and addicts: stay alive. As reported by the LA Times, Rule No. 1: Stay alive. If you or a loved one wants to beat an opioid addiction, first make sure… Read More

Penn State Police Will Start Carrying Naloxone

Penn State

PSU Officers Trained On Administering Life-saving Naloxone Penn State police will begin carrying Naloxone as part of an initiative providing 60,000 naloxone kits across Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. As reported by, Penn State University Police will join other local law enforcement in carrying naloxone, a drug that has been a critical tool for first responders dealing with the… Read More

NY State Assembly Considers Safe Injection Sites

Safe Injection Site

NY State Assembly explores safe injection sites Safe injection sites have been adopted in Canada and Europe, but have yet to gain traction in the US. Now, however, that trend might be changing as a growing number of cities and states are ready to take dramatic steps in the fight against the opioid crisis. As reported in the… Read More

10,000 Lives Saved and Counting – North Carolina Coalition Reaches Milestone


Community-based organization makes big impact with Naloxone A North Carolina group focused on harm reduction has just reported it’s 10,000th life saved by Naloxone. What’s even more impressive about this number is that it does not include lives saved by EMT workers. As reported by NCHRC, since August 1, 2013, NCHRC has distributed overdose prevention kits containing naloxone,… Read More

Addicts Get a Holiday Treat – Narcan from Santa

Holiday Party

A Utah clinic gives a gift that can save lives The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for people struggling with depression and addiction as they are reminded of various family issues. To make sure that patients were ready for any problems, one clinic in Utah has given an unusual gift this holiday season – Naloxone… Read More

In New York, Don’t Leave Home Without Your Naloxone

Overdose Kit

New Campaign Urges Residents to Carry Overdose Kits To stem the rising tide of overdose deaths in New York, the state has launched an aggressive new campaign to educate people about the risk of overdoses, especially from powerful synthetic drugs like fentanyl. Among various initiatives, the state is encouraging residents to carry a naloxone kit. These overdose kits… Read More