Remembering Celebrity Losses to Addiction & Mental Health Issues in 2018

Remembering celebrity losses in 2018

If you feel like 2018 has been a difficult year in terms of celebrity deaths, you’re right. While many well-known actors, singers and personalities have passed as a result of natural causes, drug abuse, depression and anxiety have also played a role in these losses. There have been a number of high-profile celebrity deaths over the past 12 months… Read More

Workplace Violence and the Effects on Mental Health

Violence in the workplace and mental health

Violence can happen anywhere. Over the last few years, we’ve seen that no place – homes, schools, churches, and even workplaces are locations where violence can become suddenly deadly. Workplace mental health may be a component of this. If there is violence in the workplace or high stressors, it can lead to risks to every employee there. At… Read More

Medicaid Changes May Allow Mental Health Care

Mental health care now allowed waived by state - medicaid changes

It’s difficult to quantify exactly how much the prevalence of mental health disorders has grown in the last 50 or more years. Mental health issues have long been misunderstood, leading to underdiagnosis, and as a result, the lack of many trustworthy records being kept. Nonetheless, however, research has concluded scary results when studying the difference in mental health… Read More

Holiday Mental Health Guide

Holiday Mental Health

The holidays are meant to be a time to bring people together, to celebrate, and to give thanks. Yet, for someone struggling with addiction or other mental health complications, it’s not that easy. Holiday mental health can be a very important component of your overall wellbeing. If you do not take steps now to protect your mental health… Read More

Women Suffer from PTSD at Higher Rates Than Men

Women are suffering from ptsd at higher rates than men

Post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, impacts an estimated 6.8 percent of American adults over the course of their lifetime. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately “3.6 percent of U.S. adults had PTSD in the past year” and the vast majority of those suffering from the often debilitating effects of PTSD are women…. Read More

Is Mental Illness Genetic?

Mental illness - is it genetic?

While many factors are known to contribute to the cause of mental illness, one of the biggest questions that remain is whether or not mental illness is caused by genetic factors. A mental illness can be defined as any psychiatric disorder that involves a recurring mental pattern which impairs a person’s behavior and functioning and causes them significant… Read More

Addicted to Perfection: Learning to Live Imperfectly

Learning to live imperfectly

Perfectionism is defined as the consistent attempt to be faultless and involves a set of compulsive behaviors and attitudes employed to achieve this. Perfectionists establish very high parameters within which they live and are immensely critical of themselves when those standards are not maintained. The downfall of such people is that their aims are often inaccessible and yet despite… Read More

10 Ways to Help Someone Who Has Bipolar Disorder

10 ways to help someone with bipolar disorder

About 2.6 percent of the United States population is diagnosed with some form of bipolar disorder. That percent might seem low, but that means that 8.5 MILLION people suffer day to day with this mental illness. Chances are, you either know someone or will encounter someone with this disorder over the course of your lifetime. Many people joke… Read More