Mindfulness Meditation – A Body Scan

There are a lot of ways to live a healthy, sober life, apart from alcohol and drug addiction, but all of them include knowing a healthy way to calm down, control cravings, healthy ways to manage triggers, and find a few peaceful moments to yourself each day. A great way to make this happen is through mindfulness meditation…. Read More

What Kind of Therapy is Right For You?

After you go through a medically supervised alcohol detox program, drug replacement therapy, or come home from attending a drug rehab facility, your next step should be to find a therapist. In fact you may think about seeking out group therapy and personal therapy both. Check out these different ways people do therapy Talk Therapy: Talk therapy is… Read More

How To Tell Your Parents You Need Help

trauma resolution therapy

There’s nothing scarier than confessing to your parents that you have a problem with addiction to drugs and alcohol, that you need to find help through a medically supervised alcohol detox program and drug detox facility, and that you desperately  need them to support you instead of angry with you. Parents want to see you well cared for,… Read More