Overdose Deaths Decline In Massachusetts

Boston Mass

Overdose Deaths Decline In Massachusetts While many states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania saw a staggering increase in the number of overdose deaths last year, Massachusetts actually recorded a sizable decline. As reported by The Telegram of Worcester, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths in Massachusetts fell an estimated 8.3 percent from 2016 to 2017, marking the first… Read More

Hospitals Forced to Cope With Addicted Infants

Crying Baby

Surge of Addicted Infants Challenges Hospitals Nationwide One of the many consequences of the opioid crisis has been a growing population of babies born to addicted mothers, As a result, hospitals across the country are struggling to find viable treatment options. As reported by Time, the surge has outpaced the science, and no one knows the best way… Read More

Heroin Vaccine Almost Ready for Human Testing

New Vaccine Promises to Cut Overdose Deaths Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute published results from their latest testing of a heroin vaccine, which proved to be effective in rodent models. As reported by Scripps.edu, scientists at Scripps have achieved a major milestone toward designing a safe and effective vaccine to both treat heroin addiction and block lethal… Read More