The History of Heroin Treatment in the U.S.

the History of Heroin Treatment in the US

Although alarming amounts of heroin addicts have been present in the United States for over 150 years, the first adequate opioid addiction treatment facilities did not open up until the 1960’s. The slow regulation of opioid distribution after heroin was synthesized opened up a wide doorway for underground markets to emerge making it even harder to control the… Read More

How to Handle Heroin Withdrawal (plus 5 helpful tips)

Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive drug processed from morphine, which is naturally derived from the seeds of poppy plants. Heroin addiction has increased over time and it is imperative that the issue be addressed immediately and users aided in the process of recovery. However, heroin withdrawal is difficult to undergo, making the drug quite hard to… Read More

University Reaffirms Strict Policy For Drug Users At Their Medical Center

About a year ago, the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) in Knoxville placed new conduct rules for patients who were being seen for infections related to drug use. In order to receive care, they had to agree to a search, turn over all personal property (including cell phones) and clothes, not leave hospital grounds, and not have… Read More

Cook County Jail Administering Detox Medicine To Jailed People In Need

Cook County Jail is not just a place for people to wait out their court dates or sober up overnight, but it is also where they’re trying a program where they offer detox medication to addicts in custody who want to quit. One such person is Neila Rivera, 36, who began using heroin as a teenager. She had… Read More

Mississippi Gives Drug Case to Feds Hoping For Longer Sentence

Mississippi drug enforcement are passing a case to federal officials in the hopes that they’ll offer a steeper sentence than what their state’s penal codes can offer. Kelvin Roy Thompson, 53, of Jackson, is being prosecuted for crimes related to selling drugs, but Federal laws have extra provisions that allow for longer prison sentences where the drug sales… Read More

Drug Dealer, Gun Runner Florida Husband and Wife Both Behind Bars

Florida might be notorious for its connection to drug and gun trafficking, but justice took the state a step away from that connection June 15. Susan Nell Anderson, 67, was one of the top suspects in a federal drug case where the dealers would exchange guns as payment to the drug makers. Police had already captured her husband,… Read More

Blue Lights Installed In Restrooms May Hinder Drug Use

It might sound bizarrely simple, but it would appear that a simple change of color might be all it takes for store owners to keep away drug abusers from their public bathrooms. Drug users will sometimes use store bathroom stalls in order to inject drugs, which causes many problems and potential liabilities for store owners. People who inject… Read More

Global Supply of Illegal Drugs At All Time High

It’s bad news all around for those interested in seeing an end to illegal drugs. The 2018 World Drug report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that the global supply of heroin and cocaine is at the highest it’s ever been, and other illegal drugs, such as opioids, have been spreading not just… Read More

Two Arrested After Infant’s Heroin Overdose in Florida

heroin overdose

Two Arrested after Florida Infant Overdoses on Heroin This summer in West Palm Beach, Florida, a baby—just shy of her first birthday—overdosed on heroin. This was less than a week after her mother, Charlie Hagan (38) had nearly died from an overdose and just four days after a relative had requested and been denied temporary custody of the… Read More