What Heroin Does to Your Body

FHE - What Heroin Does to Your Body

Heroin addiction has become a serious issue that is affecting the entire country. As more and more people find themselves addicted to opioids, heroin continues to grow in popularity due to its easy access and cheap price. Heroin not only has the power to take your life but also has risks and negative effects with what it does… Read More

How to Handle Heroin Withdrawal (plus 5 helpful tips)

Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive drug processed from morphine, which is naturally derived from the seeds of poppy plants. Heroin addiction has increased over time and it is imperative that the issue be addressed immediately and users aided in the process of recovery. However, heroin withdrawal is difficult to undergo, making the drug quite hard to… Read More

The Myth of the Tortured Artist

Sit back and close your eyes. Think about an artist or musician, some creative type. What do you see? Perhaps you see someone in a pristine white room, but for most people that’s not what they envision. Those imagining musicians often end up picturing a Kurt Cobain type stumbling about from heroin abuse or making his way onto… Read More

Cook County Jail Administering Detox Medicine To Jailed People In Need

Cook County Jail is not just a place for people to wait out their court dates or sober up overnight, but it is also where they’re trying a program where they offer detox medication to addicts in custody who want to quit. One such person is Neila Rivera, 36, who began using heroin as a teenager. She had… Read More

Investigation Shows Florida Had Major Role in America’s Heroin Problem

It’s well-known that Florida, out of all of the states, has a drug problem. However, the Palm Beach Post has concluded an investigation showing that Florida has had a major role in starting the nation’s most recent heroin crisis back in 2011. The roots of the crisis are actually tied to the Florida opioid addiction problem that “pill… Read More

Helping Someone Addicted to Heroin

Many people in Florida have friends and family addicted to heroin. Unfortunately, it is all too common for them to remain silent, keeping the addiction an open secret. If you know someone who is addicted, they may be struggling to find a way out. An advocate might be just what they need to get into recovery. Showing Up… Read More

Key Neuron in Opiate Addiction and Narcolepsy

While it doesn’t fully explain the biochemical reasons behind Opiate addiction, a recent study has noted some interesting results from long term use of opiates such heroin and morphine. While studying hypocretin-producing neurons in the human brain scientists found a notable increase in a certain subject who was later revealed to be a heroin addict. Following this they… Read More

Global Supply of Illegal Drugs At All Time High

It’s bad news all around for those interested in seeing an end to illegal drugs. The 2018 World Drug report published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that the global supply of heroin and cocaine is at the highest it’s ever been, and other illegal drugs, such as opioids, have been spreading not just… Read More

Woman Loses Two Sons to Opioids In One Night

Researchers Hoping to Better Understand Fentanyl’s Impact For Becky Savage, June 14th, 2015 remains a blur. Her two oldest sons – Nick and Jack were celebrating at high school graduation parties, and both overdosed and died. As reported by CNN, “Everything just kind of seemed like a blur that day,” Becky Savage said. “Your mind is not really… Read More