Gambling Addiction – How to Have Compassion and Help Your Loved Ones

Someone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol experiences side effects of their disease very inwardly. Certain side effects can sometimes be more obvious on the outside like with skin sores on someone who is struggling with a chemical dependence on methamphetamine, but most of the time the person struggles with their own demons. However, compulsive gambling… Read More

The Ins and Outs of Modern Gambling

Gambling has its origins in the paleolithic era – it is older than written language and most forms of agriculture. It is not a new problem at all, though in the modern era it takes a variety of forms that can disguise its nature. There are many modern forms of gaming that occupy the hazy gray areas at… Read More

Brain Hackers! Why Slot Machines are So Addictive

Go into any casino and likely at least three quarters of the floor will be rows of slot machines. Open the app store on your phone and browse to the games section – chances are there’s a slot machine apps in the top five. What is it about slot machines that drives people to keep playing them? They… Read More

Compulsive Gambling Addiction and Mental Health

Addictions don’t happen in a vacuum. Every compulsive behavior is shaped by a confluence of social, psychological, and biological factors that intertwine, and compulsive gambling is no different. While these factors not only determine our propensity towards compulsive behaviors, our compulsive behaviors flow back to shape our day to day social, psychological, and biological life. As an example,… Read More

Debunking Common Compulsive Gambling Addiction Myths

Anyone who spent much time in casinos has seen some bizarre rituals and heard some wild theories. Some people knock on the sides of the craps tables, or stroke the screen of the video poker terminal, or refuse to have their winnings paid in fifty dollar bills. When it comes to people who suffer from compulsive gambling, there… Read More

Dostoevsky & The Idiot’s Guide to Stopping to Smell The Roses for Successful Sober Living

It’s easy to feel dragged down in your journey of substance abuse recovery. If you’re just starting to get help for your addiction to drugs and alcohol it may feel like you’re looking down the road at a destination that you will never meet.  If you are just getting started at our addiction recovery center in Florida, drug… Read More

The Myth of Free To Play Gambling

There are many “Free To Play” casino and gambling apps available for smartphones. On the surface these seem like they might be a good way for someone struggling with gambling addiction to “scratch the itch” for gambling without any financial repercussions, but there is enormous potential for abusive behavior with these apps that lies just beneath the surface…. Read More

Easy Access Through Online Gambling Complicates Addiction Recovery

Until recently, gambling was a very geographically constrained practice – you had to know of and go to a game, or travel to a casino in order to gamble. With the advent of online gambling, there is now a casino lurking in every computer and smartphone. This kind of availability makes it much harder to remove the temptation… Read More

When Gambling Addiction Meets Alcohol Addiction

Researchers have noticed a high correlation between problem gambling and alcoholism. This probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has interacted with a person who has a gambling disorder. With gambling terminals built into bar tops and cocktails waitresses circulating through the gaming floor, casinos can be dangerous places for anyone with a tendency towards gambling or… Read More

Spotting Gambling Addiction

Gambling is sometimes referred to as a hidden addiction because it lacks some of the tell-tale signifiers of drug or alcohol addiction. When someone needs gambling addiction help, however, it is still just as important that they receive gambling addiction treatment. If you are concerned that a loved one has an addictive relationship to gambling here are some… Read More