10 Signs You May Need Mental Health Treatment

10 Signs you may need mental health treatment

If you’re like many people, you have a sticky relationship to mental illness, a stigma that isn’t helped by the media. But the truth is, mental health issues are more common than you might think–nearly one in five Americans live with mental illness. In fact, over one’s entire lifetime, the average American has a 47.4% chance of having… Read More

Anxiety and Addiction: Coping with Comorbidity

Coping with comorbidity - Anxiety and Addiction

When someone dealing with an anxiety disorder feels overwhelmed by it, they often turn to the substance that has either been prescribed or shown recreationally to them as a way to cope with their illness. This often times leads to comorbidity. If someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder, they can develop a substance addiction and vice-versa. Because… Read More

The Difference Between Addiction and Recovery Is You

Maybe you’re just getting started on the road to sober life. Maybe you’re finding your courage and asking for help. You’re going to go through mental health rehab, to medical detox and/or to a sober living house in Florida – the paths of which are created with a number of factors.  Congratulations! The first hurdle of choosing life… Read More