Outpatient Treatment through FHE Health Florida Detox and Wellness Centers

FHE Health offers a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment program. These programs are designed for recovering patients to help them transition smoothly back into their everyday lives, able to face the challenges of a busy, high expectation society. Florida these days, like the rest of the world expects a lot of people. Work is busy, kids have… Read More

Why Relapse Happens And Finally Staying Sober After Going Back to Rehab

When a person who has struggled with drug or alcohol addiction comes home from a florida detox and wellness center, it can be easy to forget for both the person as well as their families and communities that there is still a lot of work for them to be doing in order to continue remaining sober.  Addiction is… Read More

Oxycodone, a Foundational Building Block of the Opioid Epidemic

Lately oxycodone has been one of the most commonly prescribed pain pills in the state of Florida, and across the United States. People in Florida can find oxycodone easily enough illicitly, on the street, but it is also a widely prescribed narcotic analgesic, given to patients with acute and persistent pain. In fact, Florida is considered one of… Read More

The Promises Amphetamines Make but Never Keep Them

Amphetamines are the kind of drug that lures an addict in with high energy, efficiency, and a sureness they can never find in their unaffected lives. With a brief indulgence in the daydream of an almost supernatural amount of drive, the amphetamine user begins the hard collision course with reality. The high is always going to crash and… Read More

Staying in Touch After Rehab

Your time in FHE Health detox and rehab centers in Florida will always be a turning point in your life. As you leave our detox and wellness center, and face your life sober, don’t neglect to take an important resource with you – the people you met while you were here. Everyone needs the support and reinforcement of… Read More

What is Wellness?

Wellness is one of those words we often hear, but can have a nebulous definition. People throw it around all the time–vegetable X promotes wellness, exercise Y is a wellness-centered activity–but what does this actually mean? At its simplest, wellness is the state of being healthy, but we can break it apart into several key components. Extended Definition… Read More

Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

A person who struggles with eating disorders may also be struggling with some form of substance abuse. In fact about half of those dealing with some kind of eating disorder engage in some kind of drug or alcohol abuse, leading to addiction. And of those who suffer from chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol, about ⅓ have at… Read More

Making a Stress Map to Manage Life Challenges

There are times when the challenges of life seem insurmountable. Relationships, bills, mental health, recovery, work stress – troubles can heap one atop another until it feels impossible to see anything except the towering tangle of complications you have to manage. When you feel overwhelmed like that it is time to pause and take a breath.   One… Read More

Addiction’s Feedback Loop…

…Shame & Self Loathing Feed Addiction feeds Shame & Self Loathing feed… Many of the mental health disorders that lead to substance abuse and addiction can be, at least in part, the result of great trauma such as abandonment, neglect, physical, mental or sexual abuse. As a result of that kind of deep tragedy people often fall into… Read More

Be Yourself in Spite of Hatred

Getting back from a Florida detox and wellness center, and transitioning back into your everyday life can be challenging. Sometimes the people you know make it even more difficult. There’s a stigma in our society that comes along with addiction and sometimes people are bullied because of that. I know no one wants to believe it but adults… Read More