Fentanyl Overdoses Present Unique Challenges For Responders

Detroit Man Revived At CVS

Fentanyl Overdoses Happen In A Matter of Seconds Fentanyl overdoses present unique challenges for responders as CPR is difficult to perform and often they require multiple doses of Narcan. As reported by Medpage Today, chest wall rigidity, loss of control, extreme potency, and rapid onset were among observed and reported characteristics of fentanyl-related use and overdoses, a study… Read More

Indiana High School Sponsors Fentanyl Awareness After Overdose Death

Hancock County HS

Tragic High School Overdose Spurs Fentanyl Awareness Sessions Hancock County High School outside of Indianapolis is conducting fentanyl awareness sessions after a student overdosed and died earlier this year. As reported by CBS 4 Indy, students in Hancock County high schools are getting special lessons this week to teach them the realities of opioid addiction and overdose. The… Read More

Fentanyl Dealing Family Busted In Maine

Fentanyl Dealing Family

Family Busted for Dealing Fentanyl In Central Maine Police in Central Maine have arrested five members of the same family for dealing fentanyl in the Boothbay and Rockland area. They routinely purchased the drugs in Massachusetts. As reported by CentralMaine.com, five members of a midcoast family who allegedly imported and sold fentanyl throughout Knox County have been arrested… Read More

Worcester Woman ODs and Plows Into Police Cruiser

Worcester Woman

Help was close at hand after woman ODs and rams police cruiser Melissa Cain was actually fortunate to hit a police car in Worcester this week, because she had overdosed and might have died if Narcan had not been administered right away. As reported by the Springfield News-Sun, Cain was arrested for OUI drug charges after police say… Read More

Reset Your Brain – New Course Helps Fight Addiction


Curriculum focuses on the pathways of addiction Taught by author Steve Treu, a new course at Butler County Community College in Pennsylvania will focus on an alternative approach to the understanding, treatment, and successful recovery of opioid addiction. The course is targeted for those in opioid recovery, family or friends of those that suffer from opioid addiction, support… Read More

Pennsylvania Health Officials Flying Blind In Midst of Overwhelming Drug Epidemic

Welcome to Pennsylvania

PA Death Certificates Missing Critical Data – What Drugs Were Involved? As the opioid epidemic continues to claim thousands of lives across the state, Pennsylvania death certificates are missing key details regarding cause of death. As reported by The Inquirer, officials at the CDC can see that fentanyl is causing a spike in deaths across the country. But,… Read More

Fentanyl Test Strips May Help Prevent Overdoses

Test Stips

Cheap and Accurate Fentanyl Test Strips May Save Lives Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have been researching if inexpensive and accurate fentanyl test strips can help lower opioid overdoses. As reported by Johns Hopkins, a study to assess the feasibility of checking illicit street drugs for fentanyl found that low-cost test strips detect the… Read More

Fentanyl Filled Fish Seized in New York City

Fentanyl Filled Fish

Ice Cooler Contains Fish and $10 Million Worth of Fentanyl Earlier this week, police in New York found 9 pounds of fentanyl filled fish hidden in an ice cooler in the Bronx during a vehicle stop. The drugs were worth an estimated $10 million, underscoring just how lucrative synthetic opioids have become. As reported by the NY Post,… Read More

Guitarist for 3 Doors Down Was Brought Down By Fentanyl

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts of 3 Doors Down Overdosed on Prescription Meds The family of guitarist Matthew Roberts is accusing an Alabama doctor of fueling the musician’s opioid addiction before he died of a drug overdose. Like other celebrities who have overdosed, there was a range of prescription drugs in his system when he died. As reported by Fox6Now, authorities… Read More

Opioid Prescriptions Target Older, Poorer Americans

Older American

Unemployment Drives Opioid Abuse Among Older Americans A recent CDC report has found that older and poorer Americans are receiving a disproportionate number of opioid prescriptions. As reported in MarketWatch, misuse among older adults is expected to double to 2.4% from 1.2% between 2004 and 2020, according to Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental… Read More