Co-Occurring Disorders with Addiction

Co-occurring disorders and addiction

Addiction is a devastating disorder that comprehensively changes a person’s path in life. Alcohol use disorders and substance abuse disorders can occur on their own. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop co-occurring disorders with addiction. Dual diagnosis, as it is often called, occurs when an individual suffers from addiction as well as other mental health… Read More

Anxiety and Addiction: Coping with Comorbidity

Coping with comorbidity - Anxiety and Addiction

When someone dealing with an anxiety disorder feels overwhelmed by it, they often turn to the substance that has either been prescribed or shown recreationally to them as a way to cope with their illness. This often times leads to comorbidity. If someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder, they can develop a substance addiction and vice-versa. Because… Read More

Florida Woman Caught Driving On Xanax, Sangria & Justification through Religion

May 28 was not a great day for Florida’s police. Florida native Nicole Ann Mintner, 45, was found in her silver Dodge with the engine running and the hazard lights on. When officers tried to ask her to remove her sunglasses and to ask questions, she got belligerent. She admitted drinking four now-empty bottles of sangria and swallowing… Read More

Understanding Rehab Lingo. What Is Dual Diagnosis?

dual diagnosis

Understanding Rehab Lingo. What Is Dual Diagnosis? Going to rehab is a great step in getting healthy and sober. It can also be overwhelming and scary because you are stepping into the unknown. When you first arrive, you will be hearing a lot of rehab “lingo” that will sound completely foreign to you. One common one that you’ll… Read More

Using Meth: A One-Way Ticket to Destruction

using meth

Using Meth: A One-Way Ticket to Destruction Meth, or scientifically named methamphetamine, was first created for medical use. It was derived from its cousin drug, amphetamine, to be used as an allergy symptom reducer. However, the addictive properties in meth have given the drug popularity in the streets. It has proven to be a destructive force destroying lives… Read More

Developing Acceptance in Recovery for Drugs or Alcohol

acceptance in recovery

Developing Acceptance in Recovery for Drugs or Alcohol Not being able to accept the things that happen in life will make a person bitter and unhappy. Bad things happen to everyone, yet not everyone ends up with a drug addiction. Drug addicts have a hard time with acceptance because they have been running from emotions since the first… Read More

Innocent Highs to Miserable Lows: My Experience with Kratom Products

kratom products

Innocent Highs to Miserable Lows – My Experience with Kratom Products Kratom products have been classified as a schedule one substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration. By September 30, 2016, over-the-counter distribution of Kratom will be illegal. All suppliers will be expected to remove kratom from their shelves. People are protesting because it is considered an alternative treatment… Read More

Treating Dual Diagnosis during Addiction Rehabilitation

Dual diagnosis

Treating Dual Diagnosis during Addiction Rehabilitation When a patient arrives at addiction rehabilitation, an intense medical evaluation is performed immediately to understand addiction sources and the best course of treatment. Often, addiction occurs in tandem with mental or mood disorders. This is called a dual diagnosis, and usually means that the patient is suffering from anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. Diagnosing… Read More