Drivers Overdose and Crash in Knoxville


Knoxville Men Lucky to be Alive After Overdose Crash Drugged driving incidents continue to affect communities all across the country, as users driving under the influence overdose and lose control of their vehicles. This week, an overdose crash was caught on video in Knoxville, Tennesee. As reported by WATE, two men crashed in the KARM Thrift Store parking… Read More

Driver Overdoses on I-91 North – Revived With Narcan

Hartford Overdose

Connecticut Troopers rescue overdosed man As the opioid crisis continues its toll, there are increasing numbers of drugged driving incidents in which the driver overdoses while behind the wheel. As reported by the CT Post, Connecticut State Police are reminding residents that driving on drugs or alcohol can be a danger not only your yourself but other people… Read More

Nurses Overdose Near Canton, Ohio

Nurses Overdose

3 Nurses Treated for Exposure to Deadly Fentanyl For healthcare workers, there is now yet another stress in the workplace – exposure to fentanyl from treating addicted patients. With fentanyl overdoses becoming a daily occurrence around the nation, first-responders and nurses are increasingly being exposed to the deadly drug. Just this week in Ohio, three nurses needed to… Read More

Vermont Police Confront Upturn in Drugged Driving

Drugged Driving

Police Now Assume That There’s Been Overdose Burlington Police Chief Trevor Whipple is becoming used to finding people overdosed all over town. Whipple says overdoses are not uncommon in public bathrooms, parking lots or private homes– or on the roads after two incidents this fall where drivers overdosed behind the wheel. “When we get sent to a call… Read More