FHE is a LegitScript Certified, Trusted Addiction Treatment Center

FHE - Legit Script Certified

When you’re searching for help with a substance abuse problem, mental health issue, or both, the last thing you want to worry about is being scammed by deceptive drug addiction ads. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what was happening to countless addicts who clicked on Google rehab ads up until September 2017 – that’s when Google finally cracked down on… Read More

Suggesting Drug and Alcohol Rehab to Your Friend

So your friend seems to be struggling. They’re not meeting their responsibilities. They’ve skipped out on events you know they needed to attend, or are getting behind on their bills. Maybe you’ve seen that their impulse control is compromised, maybe their anger has been unchecked lately. But whether they are struggling with alcohol addiction or maybe it is… Read More

Ways to Make a Clean Break Without Upending Your Life

When you come back from time in a medically supervised alcohol detox program or time at a drug rehab facility you may feel like you need to change everything about your life in order to succeed at sobriety. But upending your entire existence is neither practical nor necessary. If you’re feeling like you need a big change or… Read More

Medicine Security: Not So Secure

After investigating the market of secured medication containers, it’s been found that there is no provider of truly secure containers for medicine. Those who purchase these containers to protect their prescription medication should be aware of the fact that the systems that they are buying are made to appear safe or create a speed bump to slow down… Read More

The Ideal Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Confidential, dignified, safe, comfortable, clean and substance-free are just some of the words that should be used to describe the ideal drug rehab center in Florida. During an addict’s recovery time, this place should indeed be a home away from home. It should be a place where they feel that they are at ease and can fight whatever… Read More