Jobs Most At Risk from Drug Overdoses

Anyone taking an drug is at risk of becoming dependent on it. And people in any job description—as well as the unemployed—are susceptible to addiction. However some jobs are much more at risk than others. The information below is based on data assembled by the National Occupational Mortality Surveillance program from 2007 to 2012. All Drug Overdoses There… Read More

Making a Stress Map to Manage Life Challenges

There are times when the challenges of life seem insurmountable. Relationships, bills, mental health, recovery, work stress – troubles can heap one atop another until it feels impossible to see anything except the towering tangle of complications you have to manage. When you feel overwhelmed like that it is time to pause and take a breath.   One… Read More

How Does ADHD Affect Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD is a psychiatric disorder usually diagnosed in childhood. ADHD is a chronic disorder with symptoms that ebb and flow throughout the course of a person’s life. What Are The Symptoms of ADHD? ADHD presents with an inability to be calm and still. A person can get very easily triggered to emotional outburst… Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Adolescent Drug Addiction

Thirteen is puberty, 8th grade, falling in love with the idea of falling in love. It’s three years before sweet sixteen. Thirteen is middle school basketball games and first dances. Thirteen is also the age many teenagers first get exposed to drugs and alcohol. It may be, if neglected, the beginning of a lifelong problem. But with drug… Read More

How To Deal With Impatience At Drug Detox Florida

Impatience Can Trigger A Relapse Drug detox Florida can help you stay the course on your road to recovery while impatience can hinder it. Being impatient about your progress can cause you to leave drug detox Florida sooner than you should have. Rushing your detox treatment will almost certainly leave you vulnerable and wanting to use. Relapsing is… Read More

How To Deal With Anxiety and Depression in Drug Detox Florida

Detoxing Can Produce Unwanted Mood Changes in Those in Drug Detox Florida Drug detox Florida can provide you with the best chance at having a safe and comfortable detox experience. Detoxing is a necessary evil in going through the recovery process. There are some withdrawal symptoms that you may experience while detoxing. Mood changes are part of the… Read More

Drug Detox Florida

The state of Florida has seen drug statistics that are depressing to say the least. However, drug detox Florida centers are working to battle these depressing state statistics and have ended up saving countless lives. Drug detox Florida centers are succeeding even in the face of adversity. Prescription Drugs and Their Abuse Abuse of prescription drugs kills more… Read More

Drug Detox in Florida: Is It Safe?

For many individuals battling addiction, the thought of drug detox in Florida is frightening. They worry about if it will be safe, what they will go through, if withdrawal will be too painful and more. Luckily, choosing a medically monitored drug detox in Florida ensures safety and medical supervision for all clients.

Drug Detox In Florida – Step 1

For addicts who want to get treatment, going to drug detox in Florida is the first step. After prolonged periods of substance abuse or addiction, quitting can be difficult, mentally and physically. The threat of strong withdrawal symptoms can prevent many addicts from getting the help them need. Drug detox in Florida helps addicts through this process and… Read More