What Causes Meth Mouth? (and Other Identifying Drug Symptoms)

What are other indicators of drug use like meth mouth

For those who begin experimenting with drugs in a social setting, it’s easy to assume that getting high and partying with friends is all fun and games. After all, the effects are short term, and in the initial days of use, it is fully possible to balance a normal life with occasional recreational dabbling without significant signs or… Read More

Florida Woman Brings Drugs to Jury Duty, Arrested For Bringing Drugs to Jury Duty

Florida may be known for some of the most incredulous crimes its citizens perform, but this one really takes the prize. Kristine Mittler received a summons to attend jury duty at the West Pasco Judicial Center, and like a good public citizen, she obeyed and went. Unfortunately, once she entered the metal detectors in the front of the… Read More

Marblehead Speaker Urges Awareness On Genetic Risks of Addiction

Dr Ruth Potee

Tweens and Teens Need to Understand the Impact of Addiction Speaking to parents at Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Dr. Ruth Potee urged them to discuss addition with their children – especially if there’s been a family history of addiction. As reported by Wicked Local, physician Ruth Potee believes young people need to be better and more accurately informed… Read More

Cocaine Babe Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison For Cruise Ship Smuggling

Cocaine Babe

Cocaine Helped Fuel Instagram Luxury Travel Lifestyle Melina Roberge, the so-called cocaine babe, wept in an Australian courtroom after being sentenced for her role in a cocaine smuggling ring. As reported by Fox News, a convicted cocaine importer known for her Instagram photos at breathtaking travel destinations has been sentenced to eight years in prison for helping smuggle $21… Read More

Some Very Creative Places To Hide Drugs

Places to hide drugs

Louisville Officials Help Parents Find Hidden Drugs Stashes Police share some tips on where to look for hidden drugs inside your house, including electric outlets, bottom of cereal boxes and behind electric switches. As reported by the Courier-Journal,  a Pringles can, ChapStick tube, hairbrush handle and the Bible. These are some of the places drug users have hidden their stashes…. Read More

Stimulant Epidemic On the Rise in US


Stimulant Use on the Rise While the opioid crisis has been capturing headlines, public health officials are now warning about a new wave of stimulant addiction that is sweeping the country. As reported by Medscape, with the nation still reeling from the opioid crisis, drug forecasting experts say a new wave of addiction is coming and the United States isn’t ready for… Read More

Stamford Hit With Fentanyl Overdoses


Overdose Victims Have Fentanyl and Other Drugs in Their Systems As the opioid crisis continues, Stamford CT saw a sharp spike in the number of overdose deaths, driven by users with fentanyl and other drugs in their system. As reported by the Stamford Advocate, Jessica Anderson became an emergency medical technician because she wanted to help people. But… Read More

How Telemedicine Can Help Fight Opioid Crisis

Telemedicine and Opioids

Telemedicine helping to reach addicts in rural Michigan As the opioid crisis continues to affect both urban and rural communities, telemedicine has the potential to help recovering addicts stay clean. As reported by Michigan Radio, telemedicine  might be especially helpful where America’s opioid crisis is at its worst: rural areas. Jamey Lister, an assistant professor of social work… Read More

10% of the Population Has Traces of Cocaine on Fingertips

Cocaine On Fingertips

Cocaine Found on the Hands of More than 10% of Population Researchers were surprised to find that more than 10% of random volunteers had traces of cocaine and other drugs on their fingertips. As reported by Fortune, there’s a good chance that you have trace amounts of heroin or cocaine on your fingertips right now, even if you’ve never used… Read More

Cocaine-Fentanyl Combination Hits Philly Hard

Philly Fentanyl

Philly Increasingly Faces Deadly Mix of Cocaine-Fentanyl Philadelphia has been averaging more than 100 overdose deaths a month, and now a deadly mix of cocaine and fentanyl is leading to more casualties. As reported by The Inquirer, cheap, potent fentanyl — which can be 10 times stronger than heroin — has long been found in heroin, often with… Read More