Cocaine Use Rising In Central New York

Cocaine On Fingertips

Cocaine Abuse Rising in Central NY Even as the opioid crisis continues, officials in Central NY are warning that cocaine use and abuse is also on the rise, leading to addiction and overdoses. As reported by, the number of people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction at Crouse Hospital jumped 66 percent between 2015 and 2017. Cocaine deaths… Read More

Buddy Bell In Cocaine Hell, Enters Rehab

Buddy Bell

Friends Shocked by Buddy Bell Addiction Crisis One of the biggest challenges with addiction is that often times, even close friends and family are not aware when someone is in a desperate state of addiction. Part of the insidious nature of the disease is how it protects itself from exposure at all costs. This was the case this… Read More

Kevin Stevens – Penguins Star Shattered By Addiction

Kevin Stevens Shattered

Documentary explores the depths of an All-Star addiction In the early 1990s, Kevin Stevens was one of the NHL’s most feared scorers. He tallied 54 goals in the 1991-92 season, played alongside the likes of Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr, and won a pair of Stanley Cup titles. Then he suffered a gruesome facial injury in 1993 –… Read More

Important Things to Know About Cocaine Abuse

Important Things to Know About Cocaine Abuse Cocaine abuse gets a sleek reputation as a drug used by the rich, famous and powerful. It’s a drug that delivers a fast and powerful high, leaving the addict wanting more and in higher quantities each time they use. Because cocaine is a stimulant, it has extremely negative consequences on the… Read More