FHE Health Sober Living Program by Peter Marinelli

sober living program

About Our Sober Living Program FHE Health Sober Living Program is not just another sober house for men to reside. This program features very unique components. Along with the highest of standards and a curriculum that is based in spirituality, the residents of FHE Health Sober Living Program are part of a team that has thus far produced… Read More

911 by Peter Marinelli

At the end of the road, the sufferer of addiction knows loneliness and isolation like few do. Desperation and the thoughts of ending one’s life appear with regularity. It isn’t how it starts out however. At the beginning when we first use everything seems to feel right. We feel we are part of life at last and life… Read More

Overcoming Alcoholism through Treatment in Florida

Admitting the problem is the first step to overcoming alcoholism through treatment in Florida. You can learn more about what to expect with a recovery program by talking to the staff, like the strained counselors at FHE Health. They can help you begin to understand what else you will walk through on your journey to recovery. Steps to… Read More

“OMG” – “WTF” by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts by Peter Marinelli This presidential campaign has been, so far one of the ugliest, nastiest and may I say absolute embarrassments that I can recall. Further listening to these candidate’s supporters is just as frightening. Supporters of one candidate have venom for supporters of others candidates and those running for election are no better. One can only feel… Read More

Defects of Character: Considerations by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts by Peter Marinelli Step 6 Were entirely ready to God remove all these defects of character   If I can answer the questions at the end of step five to my own satisfaction I then look at step 6 It is to our own satisfaction as we are now beginning to have a new God consciousness and… Read More

Air travel by Peter Marinelli

In advance I apologize for this rant. So what’s the deal with flying etiquette? I travel a bunch and I love to fly. However I do see some very strange human behavior that takes place. I am an observer by nature and sadly I have to report that folks need to take a class in manners. Starting with… Read More

Am I Blaming Others? by Peter Marinelli

About Blaming by Peter Marinelli How much of our misery do we manufacture? Too often I can blame others for my disease and discomfort and for all of my troubles, yet when I take a personal inventory and review it with another, I can quickly see how much of my troubles are of my own making. Keeping an… Read More