LAX On Frontline of Fight to Stop Fentanyl


Customs agents sift through thousands of packages to stop tide of fentanyl As the fentanyl crisis continues to claim lives all across the country, officials have turned their attention to the source – packages arriving from China to airports such as LAX. As reported in the Economist, last summer officers at an LAX customs warehouse found three live… Read More

Zombie NY Firefighter Busted For Fentanyl

Anthony Murino

Zombie Staten Island firefighter busted for Chinese fentanyl Anthony Murino, an NY firefighter, is heading to rehab after being arrested for buying fentanyl on the dark web from China . As reported by the NY Daily News, Murino appeared zombie-like in court , and is now headed to rehab — on the taxpayer’s dime, according to his lawyer…. Read More

Chinese Fentanyl Manufacturers Indicted

Chinese Fentanyl Kingpins Targeted By US DOJ Made In China goods have become woven into the US economy over the last two decades, so perhaps it’s not surprising that now synthetic opioids are also being manufactured in China and shipped to the US via the mail. In an effort to crack down on these deadly shipments the US… Read More