Nine Students Hospitalized In UCSB Mass Overdose


Oxycontin and Alcohol Suspected In Mass Overdose Nine students were hospitalized in a UCSB mass overdose this weekend. Authorities believe that the victims all took pills laced with some type of synthetic opioid. As reported by Business Insider, the incident began when sheriffs deputies and paramedics responding to an emergency call found a young man unconscious in the… Read More

California Addresses Patient Brokering Scams

Patient Brokering

Unscrupulous rehab operators take advantage of the homeless As insurance providers step up to pay for rehab, unscrupulous rehab providers in California have started to take advantage of the system, luring homeless people into rehabs and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance fees. As reported in the Daily Bulletin, broke and homeless heroin addicts are worth… Read More

Santa Ana Driver Gets High, Makes Car Fly

Santa Ana Car Flies

Driver high on drugs sends car flying into buidling The image of a white car hanging from a 2nd floor building in Santa Ana this week was very unsettling, to say the least. Incredibly, both the driver and the passenger in the car were able to escape the car with minor injuries. As surveillance video surfaced from various… Read More

California Efforts Help Minimize Overdose Deaths


California spared deadly effects of opioid crisis, for now… Limited distribution of fentanyl, and progressive policies for “harm reduction” addiction treatment have helped California to break the trend that the rest of the country is seeing with opioid-related overdose deaths. As reported in the LA Daily News, deaths from opiates, cocaine and methamphetamines shot up by 35 percent… Read More

California Spared the Worst of the Heroin Crisis, For Now

California Officials Carefully Monitoring Opioid Usage Compared to the rest of the nation, California’s rate of death from opioid overdose has remained low, with only 11 people in 100,000 dying compared to West Virginia, where a staggering 41 out of every 100,000 residents died from overdose in 2015. However, parts of the state, particularly rural communities in the… Read More